February 16, 2017, Online Conference Call

Those in attendance: Brethren Butimore, Butler, Keeling, Price, Krisell, Yoho, Miller, Hunter, Richey, Elkins and Sewell. There were some call-ins that I did not hear and was not able to know who they were but we did have a quorum to enact business.

In Bro. Sewell's report, he spoke of the reprinting of the "Defense of the Faith" book by Albert Garner which was reprinted in paperback and will be sold at $9.99. There were 1500 books printed.

A motion and second passed to take $12,500 from the equipment fund and $12,500 from the repair fund to have a new AC unit installed. Bro. Sewell informed us that there was currently $14,000 in the repair fund and $90,000 in the equipment fund.

A motion and second passed to purchase the new crusher at the price of $36,000.

Brother Elkins gave his report. He spoke on the subjects listed in his notes. He noted that there are new book added to the digital library. The information on the recommendation on updating the website is ongoing and he will have more information when we meet in March.

Brother Butimore did ask that we look over the new contract and we will take action on it in our March online meeting.

I did not get any information at the first of the meeting. Bro. Elkins did tell us that Gary Harrison is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Lift him up before our great Healer.

Good to hear from Brother Hunter. Here are the minutes, Brother.

Pray for one another!



June 6, 2016, Online Conference Call

     The Baptist Sunday School Committee met online to finalize some costs for the new children’s literature.  Those in attendance were Brethren Kyle Elkins, Wayne Sewell, Don Price, Jeff Krisell, Dennis Richey, Mike Yoho, John Tarter, Ray Meigs, Steve Butler, Richard Merritt, Wayne Hunter, Jim Philamlee and David Keeling.  Brother David Butimore was absent due to meeting with the Godbehere family and the passing of Brother June Godbehere. 
     Brother Don Price opened the meeting in prayer.
     Brother Wayne Sewell began the meeting by telling the Committee that two employees had retired and that a new employee had been killed in a car accident.  One employee is recovering from surgery and another employee in the warehouse never came back to work.  With the staff being shorthanded, other employees from different departments had to brought in to make sure the mail outs were filled.
     Brother Sewell informed the Committee that the attorney had informed him that the cease and desist order was in the mail.
     Brother Sewell presented the figures for the costing of the new literature.  There was much discussion concerning the costs and Brother Wayne Hunter offered a motion.  The motion presented was:  “The Committee recommends to the messenger body that the Sunday School price remain the same for the coming year with the following addition.  The price of the new item “Tell Cards” be set at $2.50.  Due to the fact that the data from the cost analysis is still being collected and analyzed, the Committee ask the messengers for the latitude to adjust the pricing of the “Splat” and “Splash” during the coming associational year should the cost make it necessary.”  The motion was seconded and carried by voice vote.
     With no other business, the Committee was adjourned with closing prayer.

Mike Yoho, Assistant Chairman
Dennis Richey, Clerk



Monday Evening, May 23, 2016    
     The May online meeting was attended by Brethren Mack Peercy, Mike Yoho, Dennis Richey, Don Price, Steve Butler, Ray Meigs, Jim Philamlee, David Butimore, John Tarter, Everett Ledbetter, Wayne Hunter, David Keeling and Phillip Miller.  Prayer requests were offered.  Brother Jeff Krisell as absent because his wife had a heart cath.  Brother David Butimore asked prayer for Brother June Godbehere.  Brother Wayne Hunter asked prayer for law enforcement who were under assault.  Brother Mack Peercy led in prayer.
     Brother Butimore asked Bro. Sewell to begin the meeting.  Brother Sewell spoke to the letter of cease and desist from our attorney.  He recommended that sentences be removed that were redundant.  A motion and second carried to approve the letter.  Brother Butimore would send the cover letter to all the committee for their approval and the letter and cover letter be sent by certified letter.  A recommendation that the letter also be sent to our periodicals for public record.
     There was no recommendation concerning the new literature costs because there has not been enough information for pricing.  There will be more information when the committee meets in our next online meeting.
     The next online meeting will be June 6, 2016 at 4 PM (Central time).
     Brother Sewell spoke to the request of setting up a fund for building and maintenance expenditures.  Brother Sewell told the committee that there is a $6000 CD that has no designation.  A motion and second carried to use the CD as an initial allocation with $1000 per month added to the allocation for these expenditures.
     The meeting was closed in prayer by Brother David Keeling.

Monday Evening, April 25, 2016
     Chairman David Butimore called the meeting to order.  Roll call of the Committeemen was called for and all were present except for Brother Richard Merritt and Brother Jim Philamlee.  The Chairman called upon Bro. Ray Meigs to bring the evening devotional.  Brother Meigs read from 2 Samuel 24:24 and closed in prayer.  The Committeemen shared blessings and personal reflections about their families and their respective ministries.  Brother Steve Butler led in the dismissal prayer.  The sub-committees on Curriculum and Development and Salary Review met after the dismissal.  The Policy Review sub-committee did not meet but the chairman, Brother Don Price, reminded the committee that no action was taken in the messenger meeting in Springfield, IL after the Policy Review sub-committee had revised the policies of the Baptist Sunday School Committee.  There will be 500 copies available for review at the national meeting in Tulsa, OK this year.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – 9:00 AM
      The Baptist Sunday School Committee met in the conference room of the Baptist Book Store at 9:00 AM on Tuesday morning April 26, 2016.  Chairman David Butimore called the meeting to order and asked for the roll call.  All members were present except for Brother Jim Philamlee and Brother Richard Merritt.  Brother Butimore called upon Brother Phillip Miller to present a devotional.  Brother Miller spoke from Titus 2:11-15.  His thoughts were on the grace of God has been shown to all men.  Brother Miller closed with prayer.  A motion and second carried to seat all visiting brethren.
     Brother Butimore called upon Brother Jeff Krisell to give the recommendation from the Salary Review subcommittee. The salary review subcommittee recommends the following: *(1) A 2% raise in salary ($114.44 per month) and (2) a 2% performance bonus ($1373.33) for both Brothers Sewell and Elkins.  A motion and second was made to amend the 2% raise to 3% raise ($171.66) in salary and no bonus. The motion and second to amend carried.  The motion and second to adopt the recommendation of the Salary Review Committee as amended carried.
     Brother Everett Ledbetter gave the report of the Curriculum Development Subcommittee.  The Committee held good discussion but no recommendation was given at this time.  A motion and second carried to accept the report of the sub-committee.
    Brother Don Price asked Brother Wayne Sewell if there is a possibility to accrue money for use in replacing equipment such as air conditioning unit or replacing the roof.  Brother Sewell said he would look into the budgeting of money to repair such items and discuss it at our May online meeting. 
     The Committee was dismissed to the break room to meet and greet the employees and special recognition of one of the employees.  The Committee recognized Sister Margie Sewell for her 25 years of service to the Baptist Sunday School Committee.  Refreshments were served by the ladies.
     After the break, Brother Butimore recognized Renda Stuart from the accounting firm of Grier, Reeves and Lawley.  Ms. Stuart shared the results of the Auditors Report.  A motion and second carried to express our continued confidence in the accounting firm of Grier, Reeves and Lawley for their years of excellent service.
     Brother Wayne Hunter, chairman, was called upon to give the report of the Financial Planning and Goals subcommittee.  The sub-committee recommends no increase in the price of literature including the SPLAT and SPLASH curriculum and any increase to the new items for SPLAT and SPLASH be postponed until the May online conference call.  The purpose is to establish pricing on the new items and make a recommendation to the messenger body in Tulsa, OK.  The delay in the pricing is due to the first quarter run that is still in production but should be completed within two weeks.  The 2016-2017 Budget will be presented at the national meeting. A motion and second carried to accept the report of the Financial Planning and Goals subcommittee.
    Brother Edgar Sutton shared information with the committee concerning the upcoming American Baptist Association in Tulsa, OK.
    Prayer requests were accepted and closing prayer was led by Brother John Sanders.

Tuesday afternoon - 1:00PM
     Following lunch, the Committee reconvened in the conference room for the afternoon business session.  Brother Butimore called the meeting to order.  Brother Wayne Sewell gave the report of the Business Manager and spoke to his report.  A motion and second carried to accept the report of the Business Manager.
     Brother Kyle Elkins presented the report of the Editor in Chief and spoke to his report.  After discussion on the present web sites, a special sub-committee committee was appointed by the Chairman to bring recommendations for updating Bogard Press websites.  Brothers Phillip Miller, David Keeling, and Mike Yoho were selected to this committee with Brother David Keeling serving as chairman.  A motion and second carried to accept these men.  A motion and second carried to adopt the report of the Editor in Chief.
     A motion and second carried to report to the messengers that a spirit of harmony and Christian love exists between the office of Business Manager and Editor in Chief.
     The Committee considered a legal opinion concerning the matter of allowing any literature to be published outside of the Baptist Sunday School Committee.  A motion and second was made that based upon legal opinions we regret that we cannot pass on literature, files and pictures to outside publishers.  The motion carried.  A motion and second was made to have Brother Wayne Sewell, Business Manager, hire an attorney to write a “cease and desist” letter to be sent to any publisher that has received literature, files and pictures.  With the letter, a cover letter will be prepared by the Committee chairman and sent to explain our position.  The motion and second carried by a unanimous vote.
     A motion and second carried to adjourn until Tuesday morning, June 21, 2016 when the committee meets in Tulsa, OK.  Brother John Tarter led the committee in a closing prayer.

Brother David Butimore, Chairman
Brother Dennis Richey, Clerk