Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    Bro. Keeling called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM in the conference room of the Baptist Bookstore,  Texarkana, Texas.  The roll call was called and all Committeemen were present.  Bro. Mark Harris was called upon to give the morning devotional.  He read Psalm 1 as his scripture reading.  He spoke about the work of the Baptist Sunday School Committee providing the nourishment to the churches of the American Baptist Association. 
     Bro. John Oswald, staff MIS/IT, instructed the committee how to set up and use their iPads and the connections for our monthly online conferences. 
     A motion and second to recognize and seat our visiting brethren.  Motion passed.  Bro. Edgar Sutton gave the committee a report on the upcoming 2013 ABA Messenger meeting in Dallas, Texas. 
    The committee dismissed to the break room to recognize two employees.  Sis. Libby Gill was honored for 35 years of service and Bro. Joey Cook for 30 years of service.
     The Salary Review Committee has recommended raising the salaries of the Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief $122.28 per month or 2.2 % increase in salaries.  Recommendation passed.
     Bro. Clements, Editor-in-Chief, read his report.  Vacation Bible School 2013, The Mighty God, has had positive statements and pleasant reactions.  Vacation Bible School 2014, Cross Canyon Trail is ahead of schedule and plans are to have sample kits ready the first of December.  Regular Sunday School and BTC curriculum production is ahead of schedule.  There are two new writers:  Bro. Dewayne Hoppert will write the narrative for the New Testament Adult Commentary and Bro. Robert Harris will write the Young People’s BTC Quarterly.  Bro. Clements gave a visual report from Dr. Patricia Richey concerning the progress of the new Children’s curriculum and program. Dr. Richey is still developing the Scope and Sequence of the new material. Bro. Clements finished his report with the production of Discovery having some problems with products but that it was taken care of by some employees in the business. The Bogard Press App, Blog, e-Commerce site and eBooks have improved with the new Internet presence that will go live on April 29th.  The new Young Adult Sunday School Quarterly will be written by Bro. Robbie Horne.  This new quarterly will reach young adults 18-34 years of age.  This quarterly will be available for the Summer quarter, 2014.       Two new employees were welcomed.  Ashley Elkins is working in the layout design department. She is the granddaughter of the late Earlene Elkins.  Becky Cordell will serve as a content editor from her home in Fort Smith, AR.  She is the daughter of former Editor-in- Chief, Kenneth Bazar.  Motion and second to approve the EIC report.  Motion passed.
     Ms. Renda Stuart, auditor from Grier, Reeves and Lawley, gave the report of the audit of the business.
     Motion and second to reaffirm our continued confidence in Grier, Reeves and Lawley.  Motion passed.
     Discussion from the committee concerning the catalogs and a number of them being produced and mailed out.
   Announcements were made and the committee dismissed for lunch.  Prayer was offered by Bro. Steve Butler.

Tuesday Afternoon – 1:00 PM

     The committee reconvened at 1:00 PM. The meeting was called to order by Bro. Keeling.  Bro. Keeling introduced Bro. Bobby Sparks who spoke about the Tabernacle.  Bro. Sparks spoke of building a Tabernacle for our people to enjoy. Bro. John Melancon spoke about a museum that will be opened with artifacts from the Middle East.
     Bro. Wayne Sewell, Business Manager, was recognized to give his report.  Bro. Sewell reported on the new Sound Studio being finished with new equipment being bought as needed.  A new telephone system was purchased and installed in February.  The new equipment is software based and a virtual telephone package was added later.  Due to a court ordered re-organization, the business may have to change vendors for the printing plates used in the print shop.  Bids are out between two companies.  Sales have been disappointing in all areas.  As of March, literature sales have seen an 8% decrease, Vacation Bible School has seen a 9% decrease, Discovery is down 23% and Retail Store is down 9%.  Discussion and questions on the report were made from the committee and visitors.  A motion and second was made to accept his report.  Motion passed.
     Bro. Wayne Hunter, chairman of the Financial Planning and Goals sub-committee gave the report of the Financial Planning and Goals sub-committee. The sub-committee recommends to the committee approval of the proposed 2014 budget recommending a 2% increase in the price of Sunday School literature.  It is also recommended that the cost of all BTC literature be addressed as a separate item.  The committee has been able to determine that most BTC, Spanish and Discovery literature is being sold below the cost of production at a loss of over $100,000 per year.  With a desire to align these costs, the committee recommends an adjustment this year in the cost of BTC literature.  The pricing will be on a per unit cost.  It is as follows:
All BTC literature - $2.95
Visual Aids - $6.95
     The motion on the recommendation of the Financial Planning and Goal was made and seconded.  Motion passed.
     No other business was presented.
     A motion and second to adjourn.  Motion passed. Closing prayer was led in prayer by Bro. Charles Murphy.



Monday evening, September 17, 2012

     The Baptist Sunday School Committee met in the conference room on Monday night September 17, 2012.  The meeting was held to meet with Dr. Patricia Richey who is working with Bro. Larry Clements on the work of producing a new children’s curriculum.  Dr. Richey spoke to the committee on the progress of the work and the scope and sequence of the new project.  She shared with the committee the results of the questionnaire sent out to the churches. There were over 650 responses to the questionnaire with very good comments made.  The committee made a motion and seconded commending the work of Dr. Richey and her commitment to the churches of the American Baptist Association.  She will continue to work on this project with Bro. Clements and the publication department.  After the meeting with Dr. Richey, the Equipment subcommittee met.  The subcommittee recommended to the whole committee to begin the construction of a new sound room at the cost of $41, 300.  The sound room will be used for many purposes in the production of Baptist Sunday School videos, DVD’s and VBS materials.


Tuesday morning, September 18, 2012

     The Baptist School Committee met in the conference room of the Baptist Bookstore on September 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM.  Bro. Keeling called for the roll call of the committee.  All the committee was present except Brethren Richard Merritt, Mark Harris and Neal Clark.  Bro. Mike Yoho was called upon to bring the devotional.  He read 2 Cor. 4:1-18, Romans 8:1 and 1 John 3:1.  Bro. Yoho led in prayer.  Bro. Wayne Sewell brought the bid amount for the sound room which will be a 20’ x 40’ room at the rear of bookstore.  He shared his thoughts concerning this project.  Comments and questions were received from the committee.  A motion and second was made to accept the recommendation of the Equipment subcommittee. The motion passed.  The committee dismissed to meet with the employees and recognized Sis. Gail Oswald for 30 years of service and Jeremy Dainwood for 20 years of service.  The Baptist Sunday School Committee is thankful for the dedication of each employee.
    The committee reconvened at 9:30 AM.  Bro. Keeling called for the report of the Business Manager.  Bro. Wayne Sewell spoke to his report.  He reported about the property where the old What-a-Burger was housed and the opportunity of purchasing the property. The asking purchase price is $275,000 (or $11 dollars a square foot). This property is in bad condition and an eyesore to the businesses around the Bookstore and McDonalds.  Bro. Sewell spoke concerning the purchase of the house and property at 4700 Walnut Street.  This property will allow the Baptist Bookstore access to the rear of the property.  Several trees on the property had died and they were taken down in August.  Plans for a new website is underway and will be up and running by January 2013.  The cost of the new website is almost fifty thousand dollars.  The website will have a new look and be user friendly.  The large print Adult Quarterlies is having a good response.  Literature sales for the year through August are down 3%($74,000).  Vacation Bible School had another great year.  The Editorial Department has worked very hard to get the 2013 VBS to press.  Most of the VBS literature has been printed.  Discovery curriculum is up 6% from last year.  Discovery was down in 2010 but has shown an upward trend in 2011 and 2012.  Spanish literature sales decreased from last year by 6%.  The Spanish literature is the best on the market.  The retail store has shown an increase of 4% over the same time last year.  Bro. Terry Barnett was promoted to warehouse foreman with the resignation of Bro. John Brumett who is moving to Houston, Texas.  A motion and second to adopt the report of the Business Manager.  The motion passed.
     The Chairman recognized the Editor-in-Chief for his report.  Bro. Clements spoke concerning VBS 2012, Sonlight Express – Jesus and Me.  There was a 21% growth over the previous year.  VBS 2013, The  Mighty God – God leads Moses and Me, is based on the life of Moses by presenting gospel truth.  The medieval theme will be fun for the children and teachers who use it.  Regular Sunday School and BTC curriculum production is on schedule.  All of the winter literature and several items of the spring quarter have already gone to press.  There are three new writers for the Sunday School Curriculum: Bro. Mark Thornton will write the Old Testament Commentary Word Studies; Bro. Robert Brock will write the Daily Devotionals; and Bro. Robert Wiegel will write the New Testament Commentary Narrative.  Bible Club and Discovery curriculum sales are up 6% over this time last year and supplement sales are up 44%.  Possessing a user-friendly Internet site is more important now than ever before.  The growing need of Internet commerce means that there is a need to invest finances, manpower, and resources to maintain a visible presence on the Web.  Two and one half billion people regularly access the World Wide Web.  The, and receive more than 10,000 unique hits per month.  The eBook version of What We Believe and Why, by Bro. David Johnson, is available on Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, Kobo, Copia, eBookPie and Gardners Books.  A new book by Bro. Don Price entitled Pastoral Life is available for purchase.  Bro. George Garner’s book, Marks of a Worthy Mentor, and Bro. Freddie Holmes book, Actions of the Early Churches, are being prepared for eBook publication. A motion and second to adopt the report.  Motion passed.  The Committee adjourned for lunch.  Dismissal prayer was given by Bro. Jim Philamlee.
     The Committee reconvened at 1:00 to continue the business of the Committee.  The spring meeting is scheduled for April 22 and 23, 2013.  Motion and second to adjourn until the spring meeting.  Motion passed.  The meeting was closed in prayer by Bro. James Crain. 

Respectfully submitted,
Bro. M. D. Keeling, Moderator
Bro. Dennis Richey, Clerk



Minutes of the Baptist Sunday School Committee
Fresno, CA
June 19, 2012

     The Baptist Sunday School Committee met in the Salon A Room of the Radisson Hotel Conference Center on June 19, 2012.  Bro. M. D. Keeling called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM.  Roll call of the members of the committee was called for with Brethren Steve Butler and Steven Keith were absent. Bro. Krisell bought the devotional from Acts 14:1.  Motion and second to seat the visiting brethren.  Bro. Dennis Richey read the minutes of the April meeting  of the BSSC.  Bro. Keeling asked for any old business or correspondence.  There was none.
     Bro. Wayne Sewell gave the report of the Business Manager.  Bro. Sewell spoke of the summer literature mailing that is on schedule.  There have been changes in the office and editorial areas with new desks and monitors to help with needs of the customers.  The business has purchased new equipment.  A collator became available, which used would cost $100-150,000 and was purchased for 25,000 dollars.  The collator has increased production and cut time in the production.  The business has been doing print-on-demand printing for about ten years.  In May, the business updated this equipment and leased a full color print-on-demand digital press.  This equipment will allow the reduction of print runs on literature each quarter. 
The storefront has changed with some additional changes in the near future.  Literature sales show that Sunday School and BTC literature sales from January to March declined 3%.  The economy and decrease in sales are affecting the sales.  BTC sales overall are still profitable overall.  Discovery sales are up.  Spanish literature has decreased.  VBS sales have increased over 28% from this time period last year.  Store sales are up 1% over the same time period a year ago.  The transition to digital books continues.  There was a recommendation in the April meeting from the Baptist Sunday School Committee to increase the price of literature by 5%.
     Motion and second to adopt the report. Motion passed.
     Bro. Larry Clements gave the report of the Editor-in-Chief.  Bro. Clements began his report emphasizing the need to reach the spiritual needs of children. Vacation Bible School 2012, Sonlight Express-Jesus and Me is very popular and sales are very encouraging.  VBS 2013 – The Mighty God-God Leads Moses and Me.  The theme is based on Jeremiah 32:17, 18.  Bro. Clements spoke concerning the Sunday School Curriculum, the BTC Curriculum which welcomes a new writer for the Young People’s Quarterly – Bro. Chris Bocklage.  A new book by Bro. Don Price entitled, Pastoral Life, is an excellent book for pastors.  The book will be available for sale at the BSSC booth.  A new tract entitled, Free Health Care Plan, is an interesting and accurate tract.  The new Bible Basics Curriculum is taking shape with the help of Dr. Patricia Richey and the target date for implementing the new curriculum is the fall quarter.  Bro. Clements spoke concerning the Bogard Press App, the Bogard Press Blog site and Bogard Press eBooks.  An Adult Large Print Quarterly will be printed.  A recommendation by the Editor-in-Chief requests a 10% increase for the writers of our literature.  Motion and second to adopt his report.  Motion carried.
     There was no new business.
     Motion and second to adjourn. 
     Bro. Al Bevis led in closing prayer.
     *Review:  There are 3 action items recommended by the BSSC in the April meeting:
              1. A recommendation of an increase in literature of 5%.
              2. A recommendation of a 10% increase for the writers beginning with the July 2012 quarter.
              3. A recommendation of a $250 per month raise in housing allowance for Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief.

Bro. M. D. Keeling, Chairman
Bro. Dennis Richey, Clerk

Baptist Sunday School Committee Minutes

Texarkana, TX
April 24, 2012

     The Baptist Sunday School Committee met in the conference room of the Publications Building of the Baptist Sunday School Committee on April 24, 2012.  Asst. Chairman, Steve Butler, called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Chairman M. D. Keeling was recovering from a recent surgery and was unable to attend the meeting.  Bro. Jim Jones led the committee in prayer.
     The roll call of the committee was called and each member read a scripture as their name was called.  All members answered the roll call except Brethren M. D. Keeling, Stephen Keith and Dennis Richey.  Bro. Steve Butler led in prayer.
     A motion and second to recognize visiting brethren and that they be seated for the meeting.  Motion carried.  Bro. Butler read the purpose of the Baptist Sunday School Committee and accepted discussion as we were reminded of the reason for our meeting.
     A motion and second to adopt the minutes of the September 2011 meeting as distributed to the committee was agreed and carried.
     The committee members shared personal information and prayer requests.
     The committee dismissed for fellowship with the staff of the Book Store and Bogard Press.  Refreshments were served and a good time of fellowship was enjoyed by all.
     The committee was called back to order at 10:00 AM.  Ms. Renda Stewart presented the 2011 Independent Auditors report as the representative of Grier, Reeves and Lawley, P. C., Certified Public Accountants.  Discussion was received from the committee.  A motion and second to accept the 2011 Auditor’s Report and express the committees continued confidence to the accounting firm along with a special thanks to Ms. Renda Stewart was given and the motion carried.
     The report of the Business Manager was the next item of business.  Bro. Wayne Sewell offered the report of the Business Manager for the April meeting.  Vacation Bible School literature for the summer of 2013 is presently being printed.  This means the revenue will be invested for more than a year, but all materials are ready for seminars and early sales.  Bro. Sewell spoke about the changes in the office areas.  New desks have been installed in the offices which give the staff more work space with dual monitors on each desk which allows them to serve the customer quicker and with more accuracy.  Literature orders are now able to be filled several weeks sooner than in the past due to the efficiency of the new equipment that has been purchased and is now operational.  A used collator, worth about $100,000 to $140,000 has been purchased for $25,000 and will be installed by the end of this month.  Most of the work on the storefront has been completed with the overhang part of the building yet to be completed.  Literature sales are up for the first quarter by 8%.  The auditor’s report noted that some items of literature are selling below cost.  These items include BTC and visual aids.  Discovery sales are up 15% and Spanish literature has decreased.  VBS sales show an increase for the first three months by 30% from the first quarter of last year.  Store sales are up by 6% compared to the first three months of last year.  Store sales continue to be difficult in this economy.  There are three items that Bro. Sewell has referred to the proper sub-committees. (1) The Print-On-Demand new equipment. (2)A Sound Studio for the production of in-house video and audio productions.  (3)The Study Bible which would be unique to the American Baptist Association.  This Bible would be KJV with footnotes unique to the American Baptist Association.  A motion and second to adopt the report of the Business Manager.  Discussion from the committee was heard and the motion carried.
     The committee was dismissed for lunch and Bro. Bill Johnson worded the dismissal prayer.

Tuesday Afternoon

     The committee reconvened at 1:00 PM.  Bro. Steve Butler led in prayer.
     The report of the Editor-in-Chief was the first item of business.  Bro. Larry Clements brought his report to the committee.  Bro. Clements discussed the Vacation Bible School Curriculum.  VBS 2012, Sonlight Express – Jesus and Me / VBS 2013, The Mighty God – God Leads Moses and Me, based on Jeremiah 32:17, 18; “Ah Lord GOD! Behold, thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee…the Great, the Mighty God, the LORD of hosts.”  The Sunday School Curriculum was presented with an explanation about the reason for the small print in the Spring and Summer 2012 quarters and the correction that has been made beginning with the Fall 2012 quarter.  Bro. Clements also explained how the curriculum is outlined and why some lessons cover so many chapters and verses.  Writers were discussed and two new writers were announced.  Bro. Robert Wiegel will replace Bro. Charles Law in writing the New Testament commentary for the Adults.  Bro. Robert Brock will replace Sis. Mary McAlister who wrote the Daily Devotionals. The Baptist Training Course continues with the following studies: Spring Quarter, The Christian’s Journey / Summer Quarter, The Prayers of Jesus and the Fall Quarter, Evil Men in the BibleBogard Press books and tracts are releasing a new book by Bro. Don Price entitled, Pastoral Life.  New Bible Basics Curriculum is underway with preparation and planning under the guidance of Dr. Patricia Richey.  Bogard Press App is available free to everyone and has been downloaded to electronic devices in 37 different nations.  This allows anyone to order literature and Bogard Press books directly from their device.  The Bogard Press Blog Site has been very active with over 54,000 different hits over the past 8 months and the VBS site has received over 49,000 hits in the same period of time.  A Large Print Quarterly for the Adult Sunday School in a 8.5 x 11 inch format will be available for the Fall Quarter 2012.  Bro. Clements recommended a 10% raise for the writers beginning in July 2012.  This will be an Action Item.  A motion and second to adopt the report and discussion followed.  Bro. Steve Reeves, Director of Promotions discussed the Web sites and the direction the department is moving to integrate the current systems to become more user friendly with the new e-commerce site.  His report was adopted.
     Bro. Ray Meigs offered the report of the Curriculum Subcommittee.  A recommendation was offered that we not pursue the publication of an ABA Bible.  A motion and second carried to accept the subcommittee report.
     Bro. Mark Harris brought the report of the Equipment Subcommittee.  The subcommittee recommends that the Business Manager pursue the lease agreement of the two Print-on-Demand machines under a 5 year agreement.  The subcommittee also recommends that the Business Manager proceed with pricing and feasibility on the construction of a Sound Studio and report back to the BSSC in the fall meeting.  A motion and second carried to adopt the report.
     The committee took a 10 minute break.
     Following the break, Bro. Wayne Hunter was recognized for the report of the Financial Planning and Goals subcommittee.  The subcommittee submitted the 2013 proposed budget.  With the projections of the budget, the subcommittee recommends to the BSSC a request for a literature increase of 5%.  This will be an Action Item to be presented to the Messenger body in Fresno, California.  A motion and second carried to adopt this report.  The committee expressed special thanks to everyone that had worked on the budget and budget process.  Bro. Wayne Hunter, chairman of the subcommittee will present the Proposed Budget to the Messenger Assembly at the direction of the BSSC.
     Discussion was received concerning the recommendation by the recommendation about the literature items that are sold below cost of production.  Explanations were offered by the Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager with open discussion by the committee.  It is the opinion of the committee that the materials being produced are vital to the needs of the churches and the committee will receive a report about the new cost analysis of this material after the new print on demand equipment is utilized for several quarters.
Discussion was offered about the recommendation by the Auditors about the note on the press with a balance of $80,561.  Discussion only was received and it was left to the discretion of the Business Manager to deal with this matter.
     Bro. Everett Ledbetter gave the report of the Salary Review subcommittee.  The subcommittee recommended a $250 per month housing allowance increase for the Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief to bring their compensation in line with the compensation of the Secretary-Treasurer of Missions.  This will be an action item.  A motion and second carried to adopt the report.
     Announcements were made.  Bro. Edgar Sutton reported to the committee about the meeting arrangements for the Fresno, CA messenger meeting.  Bro. Randy Cloud reported on the Missions Office and the work of the missionaries.
     A motion and second to adjourn until June 19, 2012 in Fresno, CA and the motion carried.  Bro. Steve Butler led the closing prayer.
Bro. Steve Butler, Vice Chairman
Bro. Wayne Hunter, Asst. Clerk




Minutes of the Baptist Sunday School Committee
Texarkana, TX
September 20, 2011

     The Baptist Sunday School Committee met in the conference room of the Publications Building of the Baptist Sunday School Committee on September 20, 2011.  Chairman Keeling called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.
     Chairman Keeling called for the meeting to begin. Brethren Neal Clark and Stephen Keith were not present and new members, Bro. Mark Harris and Bro. Don Price were welcomed.  Bro. Keeling asked for a time of sharing and prayer requests. 
     Bro. Keeling brought the devotional from Philippians 2:5-11 / 3:10-14 – The Mind of Christ, having the same attitude of  the will of the Father in serving Him.  Bro. Keeling lead in prayer.
     The Committee dismissed to meet with the employees and to honor long time employee, Malinda Harrison, for 35 years of faithful service to the Baptist Sunday School Committee.
     Following the break, a motion and second to seat our visiting brethren. The motion carried.
     Bro. Keeling called on Bro. Wayne Sewell, Business Manager, to give his report. 

  • Remodeling the store with painting walls, new tiling and baseboard.
  • Telephone and Internet – new fiber optics are being installed with Windstream as a new carrier.  Windstream is less expensive and the service is better,
  • Ecommerce Update – a new website package is being updated to help with postage and commerce items. This new package will also help in the sales of downloadable materials.
  • Postage - the business is looking for inexpensive ways to deliver the literature.  Presently, the freight on literature is 20%.  USPS no longer allows the BSSC to ship using media mail.
  • Store Front – the heat has hindered the work on the remodeling.  The next phase will be to put a new cover above the windows adding the words, “Baptist Book Store”.
  • Equipment Update – the new six-unit press has reduced the cost and time of production.  The new folder also adds to the speed and cost effectiveness.  The perfect binder has a problem with the circuit board but can be repaired for about $200 at the time of this writing.
  • Literature – the recession is having its effect on the sale of literature.  The 2011 Fall sales dropped more than any other fall quarter.  Through August the overall sales dropped 7% from the same period last year.  The total unit sales have dropped 5.7%.  The drop is across the board.

Sunday School and BTC sales are lower by 34,188 units.
Discovery literature is up.
Spanish literature has increased 15 % through August 2011,
Vacation Bible School sales decreased 19% through August 2011.  Over the last four years, VBS curriculum has increased about 90%.  This has been a good year but not what had been expected.

  • Store Sales – the store sales have followed the same trend as the literature sales.  Sales, through August, declined 12 percent.
  • Looking Ahead – The staff is on schedule to begin shipping the winter quarter of literature.

     A motion and second was made to accept the report of the Business Manager.  After discussion, the motion carried.
     The visiting brethren were recognized and asked to share blessings and prayer requests.
     A motion and second carried to adjourn until 1:00PM.  Bro. Richard Merritt led in prayer.

Tuesday Afternoon – 1:00 PM

     Bro. Keeling called on Bro. Larry Clements to give the Editor-in-Chief report.

  • Vacation Bible School – 2012/ Sonlight Express – 2013/ Jesus and Me and The Mighty God – God Leads Moses and Me.
  • Sunday School Curriculum – 2011 Winter quarter will be a study in Romans – God’s Righteousness…Our Salvation.  During the Spring quarter 2012, the subject of study is Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  The 2012 Summer quarter will the study will be in the book of Hebrews.
  • Baptist Training Course Curriculum -
  • Bogard Press
  • New Bible Basics Curriculum – five levels of pre-school through junior Sunday School will be completely reworked.  Bro. Clements is working with Dr. Patricia Richey of Texas to develop this new curriculum.
  • Website Work –

Bro. Steve Reeves heads up a Web Team made up of Shawn Blase, Malinda Harrison, Libby Gill, Blake Tilton, Deana Washington, John Oswald, Sue Neff, Gail Oswald, Kyle Elkins and Betty Green.  They will take on the task of unifying the web site and web store in making it more attractive and user-friendly.
There is also work being done on developing Apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. 

     Following discussion, a motion and second was made to adopt the report the Editor-in-Chief.  The motion carried.
     Bro. Wayne Sewell introduced the WebX program.  Bro. Steve Reeves gave a presentation of WebX and the new website.  The WebX  presentation showed the committee how to have meetings via computer. This program enables up to 25 people to hold a meeting.  The presentation was demonstrated by Bro. Reeves, Bro. Clements and Sis. Gail Oswald. 
     The sub-committees that met on Monday evening had no recommendations.
     A motion and second was made to give Bro. Sewell the permission to buy a new binding machine if the circuit board for the old binder does not work.  Motion carried.
     A motion and second to adjourn until April 24, 2012 for the BSSC Spring meeting.  Bro. Wayne Hunter led in closing prayer.

M. D. Keeling, Chairman
Dennis Richey, Clerk