April 21, 2015 – 9:00 AM

     The Baptist Sunday School Committee met in the conference room of the Baptist Bookstore at 9:00 am on April 21, 2015.  The Committee was called to order by Chairman Steve Butler.  All committee members were present for roll call.
     Chairman Steve Butler called upon Bro. David Butimore to bring the morning devotional.  He used Romans 1:13-17 as his text.  His thoughts focused on the fact that we are not any different than Paul.  He had a passion to do what Christ wanted in spite of what the world says or does.  He closed in prayer.
     A motion and second approved to seat our visiting brethren.  The minutes of the September 2014 meeting were accepted and approved.
    Chairman Butler called upon Editor-in-Chief Kyle Elkins to give his report.  Bro. Elkins began by sharing some thoughts of his first ten months as Editor-in-Chief.  The work on the new children’s curriculum for two years old to sixth grade and children’s chapel continue to go well.  SPLAT and SPLASH are being rescanned at a high resolution and recolored.  This will give the art a vibrant look compared to the previous art.  Sunday School studies are being well received.  The Adult Quarterly, the Adult Large Print Quarterly, the Adult Lesson Commentary and the Devotional Quarterly have seen an increase in units sold.  The Young Adult Quarterly is being well received as well.  In the Adult Quarterly and Adult Lesson Quarterly, we have begun to place 4 color maps and pictures as space is available.  Baptist Training Course has seen an increase in sales.  We have resized most of the books from 8” x 10” to 8.5” to 11” with most of them recolored into 4-color books.
    The committee took a break to recognize Sister Terry McKellar for her 20 years of service to the Baptist Sunday School Committee.
     After the break, Brother Steve Butler introduced Ms. Renda Stuart, auditor from Grier, Reeves and Lawley, P.C.  Ms. Stuart went over the audit for the 2014 year with the Committee.  A motion and second carried to accept the report of the auditor.  A motion and second carried to commend and show our appreciation to Grier, Reeves and Lawley for their continued labor on behalf of the Baptist Sunday School Committee.
     Editor-in Chief Kyle Elkins continued his report. Vacation Bible School seminars for 2015 – Camp Courageous, Equipping for Life – got off to a difficult start with the snow and ice.  Sales are up for the 2015 Vacation Bible School.  The 2016 Vacation Bible School entitled Dr. Vanguard’s Voyages, The Conquerors, will focus on the lives of five Old Testament men with the theme verse “In all things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us” – Romans 8:37.  The men who will be presented are Joshua, David, Hezekiah, Shadrach and Gideon.  The lessons will focus on how the student can ABIDE in God, TRUST in God, PRAY to God, STAND with God and OBEY God’s Word.  Because the Publisher’s Seminar has experienced lower turnout the past few years, next year we are changing the venue and format.  Bogard Press Books has printed a book by Sis. Doris Scarlett entitled Prayer-Closet Praying.  Sister Karry Irizarry’s book entitled In the Beginning will be published soon.  A TRACT entitled How May I Know I Am Saved? by Paul Goodwin has been printed.  It was submitted by H. L Wilkinson and edited from a sermon by Brother Goodwin.  Bro. Elkins closed by informing us that some books are in need of being rewritten and redesigned.  Powerpoint files would also be a part of the visuals to help the teacher in the classroom.  He also informed the committee that he has purchased a cassette tape to digital recorder with the plans to copy all our cassettes tapes to digital format.  The reason is to preserve the cassette library by placing these electronic files as MP3’s on the website for either streaming or purchase as a download.   A motion and second carried to accept Brother Elkins report.  Brother Richard Merritt was asked to come along side of Bro. Elkins and pray for him and his staff.
     Bro. Butler recognized Bro. Edgar Sutton to speak concerning the upcoming meeting ABA meeting in Springfield, IL.
     Bro. James Crain introduced the new commentary on Galatians and Ephesians published by Hyde Park Missionary Baptist Church in West Monroe, LA. 
     Brother Bryan Sellers spoke concerning the mission office and mission work.
    The meeting was dismissed for the noon meal and prayer was led  by Brother Mark Harris.
Tuesday Afternoon – 1:00 PM
     The Committee reconvened at 1:00 PM.  The Committee was privileged to visit with the printing staff and see the new 10 color Heidelberg press in action.
     The Committee returned to the conference room and Brother John Tarter led the opening prayer for the afternoon session.
     Chairman Butler called upon Brother Wayne Sewell to present the report of the Business Manager.  Brother Sewell spoke concerning Dr. Ben Bogard in the General Association of 1914 offering his part of the publishing business free to the Association.  His partners sold their share to the association.  This marks 100 years of overseeing the production of literature to the churches of the American Baptist Association.  A new 10-unit press has been installed.  The Committee’s original intent was to purchase an 8-unit press but a 10-unit press became available at the same price and the Committee gave Bro. Sewell the authority to accept the offer.  The press was disassembled, moved to Dallas, TX, refurbished and set up in the print shop in Texarkana. TX.  With the new press installed, electrical service needed to be upgraded.  The press in up and running.  Brother Sewell informed the Committee that insurance premiums increased by 17.9%.  The Budget sub-committee had projected a 20% increase. The total sales of Sunday School, BTC, and VBS literature are better than this time last year.  Discovery and Spanish literature has declined overall.  The retail store showed a 4% decrease.  The Mall Store figures are included in the retail stores sales.  The mall store was moved to a different location in the mall and sales have improved.  The Mall store will continue to remain open.  A motion and second to adopt his report.  After some discussion, the motion carried.  Bro. Ray Meigs was asked to come along side of Bro. Sewell and pray for him and the staff.
     The Policy Sub-committee met and offered a recommendation.  A motion and second carried to present the revised Baptist Sunday School Committee policy with 500 copies made available when we meet in Springfield, IL.
     Brother Sewell and Brother Elkins checked into our policy of our contract with iStock concerning our literature.  The Committee received copies of the Content License Agreement with iStock.  iStock is the company which develops and supplies the art work for publication which is purchased by the Baptist Sunday School Committee.  The Committee also received a letter of findings from Attorney Dennis K. Wilson of Wilson and Haubert, PLLC of North Little Rock, AR.  Mr. Wilson’s findings in the contract addresses the BSSC giving the literature to outside sources for publication.  Based on the wording of the contract with iStock and the advice of Attorney Wilson, a motion and second carried unanimously to cease the practice immediately of distributing any digital publication files to outside sources because of copyright concerns when others use our material.
     The Financial Planning and Goals subcommittee gave their report.  Brother Wayne Hunter, chairman of the subcommittee, spoke to the report.  The projection for the 2015 year will be a 2% increase in the literature.  *This will be a line item action for the messengers.
     The Salary Subcommittee, Brother David Butimore, chairman of the subcommittee,  proposed a 2% (cost of living)increase in the salaries of Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief.  A motion and second carried to accept the proposal of the Salary subcommittee.   *This is a line item action for the messengers.
     Brother Butler opened discussion concerning the structure of the business.  There was good discussion concerning the future of the business.
     A motion and second carried to inform the messengers, when meeting in Springfield, IL,  that a spirit of harmony exists between the offices of Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief.
    Motion and second to adjourn until the Committee meets in Springfield, IL carried and closing prayer was led by Brother James Crain.

Steve Butler, Chairman
Dennis Richey, Clerk

  Line items: (1)a 2% increase in literature  (2)a 2% increase cost of living raise for Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief.