These perfect bound books are ideal for any elective study your church may offer. They would be great for Ladies Auxiliary or Men's Brotherhood. Youth Group and Teen Bible Studies would benefit by using them. Because of their thirteen week format they could also make an interesting one-quarter alternative study for a BTC or Sunday School class. If you are looking for a way to energize your Wednesday evening Bible study, this would be a great solution!

Woman by Design
Designed to Influence
by Angie Peters

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A look at the way our faith and God’s blessings on our lives add up to a powerful testimony that we can use to make a tremendous impact on the lives of the many people whose paths cross ours each day.

Lessons 1-4 deal with
      Women with Faith: Believing Is Seeing! (Believing God’s Word means seeing His blessings!) We all have troubles, including Mary and other of our biblical “foremothers.” But believing that He will keep His promises—in spite of our circumstances—turns our fear into faith when things get tough. We’ll learn important lessons about faith from four women of the Bible who believed and were blessed.

Lessons 5-8 deal with
      Women with Testimonies: Seeing Is Telling! (Seeing His blessings compels us to tell others what He has done for us.) On two separate occasions, in the book of Luke, two people were told by an ANGEL that God would work a miracle in their lives. The reactions of the two were quite different. Zechariah doubted and was silenced. Mary believed, and she sang! Her song, recorded in Luke 1:46-56, is called the Magnificat, which means “My soul magnifies the Lord.” The Magnificat, one of the most beloved passages in Scripture, has blessed Christians throughout the ages. In other words, this is Mary’s testimony. In these lessons, we’ll be looking at the “testimonies” of Mary and three other women in the Bible.

Lessons 9-14 deal with
      Women with Influence: Telling Is Touching! (Telling what He’s done for us touches the lives of others.) Get us women together at a potluck or baby shower and we usually can’t be quiet. We love telling each other about what’s going on in our lives. But mention the words: “share your testimony” and a loud silence often falls across the room. For some reason, we have a fear of preparing and presenting our testimonies. Yet, given the profound potential we as women have to influence those around us, a powerful and succinct testimony at the tips of our tongues might be one of the most practical and effective tools we’ll ever use in our Christian walk. So the pages of these lessons will serve as a “testimony workshop.” We’ll look at the many different ways women can put together and present their testimonies—whether they’re at the office, on the playground, with a hurting friend, or in front of their church family—and offer helpful strategies for doing that effectively (i.e., keep it relevant, not preachy; take out religious jargon; etc.) We’ll talk about the fact that one woman doesn’t equal one testimony; each woman has as many testimonies about the work of God in her life as she has people to share them with. These lessons will include testimonies of real women as well as several homework assignments encouraging lots of prayer, study, reflection, writing and sharing, bringing to a powerful close our study on the influence of women for God.

 Lesson Titles:  

      1      Jochebed: Faith During Peril, Poverty and Persecution
      2      Jochebed: Blessed Beyond Belief
      3      Hannah: Faith at the Heart of a Troubled Home
      4      Hannah: Satisfaction Instead of Sorrow
      5      Mary: Faith Fosters Obedience
      6      Mary: An Overflowing Heart
      7      The Samaritan Woman: Faith Heals a Troubled Heart
      8      The Samaritan Woman’s Soul-winning Words
      9      Women: Different by Design
    10      Gathering Stones: Building Your Testimony
    11      The Purpose of a Testimony
    12      The Plan for a Testimony
    13      The Power of a Testimony

Woman by Design
Designed to Build:
A Woman and Her Home

by Angie Peters

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Home and family is important to God. He chose a loving family in which to place His only begotten Son, Jesus. God’s Word tells us that a “wise woman builds her house.” We know that women play a critical role in establishing, maintaining and strengthening the home and family. This study will look at both the spiritual principles and the day-to-day practicalities of building a godly home.

Lesson Titles:  

A Wise Woman . . .
      1      Wisdom: Knowing It's Not What You Know  
      2      Wisdom: Knowing It's Not What You Have  
      3      Wisdom: Knowing It's Not About the Here and Now  
      4      Wisdom: It's Not About Making It on Your Own  
      5      Wisdom: It's All About Who You Know  

. . . Builds Her House
      6      Underground Issues: Looking Beneath the Surface
      7      A Fixed Foundation
      8      Walls of Separation
      9      Open House: The Door of Hospitality
    10      A Holy Roof of Protection

Spiritual Construction
    11      God's Personal Home Improvement Projects
    12      All That for Me?
    13      A Wise Woman Smiles at the Future

Woman by Design
A Woman and Her Heart
by Angie Peters

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The physical heart is an amazing creation of God. One's life literally depends on the health of his heart. Likewise, the spiritual heart dictates one's fellowship with others and God. In this third book of a series, Peters shares God's remedy for a healthy spiritual heart. The book concludes by looking into the lives of women of the Bible how they sought to control their won heart problems.



About the Author:


When Angie Peters gave up her job as a journalist 14 years ago to say at home with her growing family, she thought she was putting her passion for writing on the back burner—at least until she got her kids raised. God had other plans. He stirred up a writing and editing career that she could pursue right where she was—at home, with kids at her elbow and play dates on the calendar.
Angie has written two books about stay-at-home mother. Her articles have appeared in publications such as Today’s Christian Women and ParentLife. She frequently speaks to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups and women’s events, and has been featured guest on various radio and television programs, including “At Home Live with Chuck & Jenni.” She also writes devotional materials for a sports ministry program and a monthly column about parenting called “Celebrate Home.”
She and her husband, Kurt, have three children: Nick, 14, Lindsey, 12 and Erin, 5. The Peters worship and serve God alongside their church family at Spring Creek Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.


Strength from God to Face Your Future
by Terry James

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      Expertly crafted for study in church classrooms or for personal study! (Key study questions in each lesson with answers provided in the back of the book.)       Prophecy is one area too often ignored today. Filled with truth from Jesus and the prophets, and commentary from some of today’s most respected, spiritually attuned teachers of biblical prophecy, this volume, when disseminated, and studied, will assure that every child of God gets this important, though often neglected part of the Word of God.
      Prophecy Power: Strength from God to Face Your Future is prayerfully written and designed to fill a great need among Christians today. It is a self-contained broad overview of Bible prophecy from this moment in time in which we live, until God dissolves, then remakes the heavens and the earth.
      Prophecy Power tells what the believer in Jesus Christ can look for while troubling issues and events roll upon our television screens and leap from our newspaper headlines.
      God’s prophetic Word is not gloom and doom, but bright, glorious promises beyond even the most vivid imagination! Learning what is in store for the Christian gives the believer great strength from God to face the future!  

Lesson Titles

Empowered Through Study
      1      Powering Up for Supernatural Battle
Empowered by Rapture
      2      The Power-filled Sentry
      3      Scoffers and Scoundrels
      4      Overpowering These Perilous Times
      5      Rapture Readiness
Empowered by Judgments
      6      Planet Earth Throws a Party!
      7      This Is Your Life!
      8      Party’s Over
      9      Hell on Earth
    10      Christ’s Return, Reign, and Restoration
    11      God’s Great Prophecy Power on Display
The Prophecy Power-filled Life
    12      The Prophecy Powered Life—Part One
    13      The Prophecy Powered Life—Part Two


About the Author:

Terry James has authored 14 books on Bible prophecy, with 2 more on the way.

Terry James is a member of Spring Creek Baptist Church, Benton, Arkansas.



An Earthly Shadow of Heavenly Realities
by Bobby Sparks

0892113618      $6.99

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      The Tabernacle provides God’s most precise description of God’s throne in Heaven that can be found in the Bible. The Tabernacle also is a figure and type of the Lord Jesus Christ. It represents His work, His life, His attributes and His character. Every detail of the Tabernacle prefigured and foreshadowed some aspect of the character and work of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work. Through studying the Tabernacle the student will discover the greatest theme of all: Jesus is the Savior, the Lamb of God.

Lesson Titles:  

      1      Object Lessons From the Past
      2      Laying Out the Campsite
      3      In the Precincts of the Tabernacle
      4      Blueprints for a Tabernacle
      5      Looking Up—the Tabernacle Coverings
      6      Entrance Through the Hangings
      7      Sacrifices at the Brazen Altar
      8      Washing at the Brazen Laver
      9      Light at the Golden Candlestick
    10      Fellowship at the Table of Shewbread
    11      Intercession at the Altar of Incense
    12      Judgment at the Ark of the Covenant
    13      Mercy at the Mercy Seat  



About the Author:

Brother Bobby Sparks has pastored in several states. He currently lives in Greenville, Texas, where he pastors the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.

Dr. Sparks is a graduate of the Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary in Henderson, Texas. He has intensely researched and studied the Old Testament tabernacle and related subjects for over 25 years. His lectures on these subjects have become very popular in seminaries and churches throughout the United States and several foreign countries. These lectures and his work on the scale models of the tabernacle have earned for Dr. Sparks recognition as an authority on the Old Testament Tabernacle. 



Experiencing God's Love and Expressing It to Others
by Thomas R Steele

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     Many people are hurting emotionally and spiritually. Erroneous sources of love have misled people to believe that God’s love is no different from the love they have experienced from those around them: conditional and based on one’s own worth. This study presents the true source of love: God. Not only is God’s love unconditional and obtainable, but children of God can express that same kind of love in their lives. You will be challenged to love others as God loves them.

Lesson Titles:  

      1      Examples of Love
      2      Eradicating the Faulty View that Most People Have
                  Concerning Love
      3      Understanding the Author of Love
      4      What Does Your Father Look Like?
      5      Amazing Love, How Sweet the Sound
      6      Grace in Action
      7      Discipline To Love
      8      The Journey Begins Here
      9      You Are Here—the Journey Continues
    10      Am I My Brother's Keeper?
    11      Being There When We Are Needed
    12      Don't Give Up or Give In
    13      Unfortunate in Love  



About the Author:

Dr. Thomas Steele presently holds his DMin in Christian Counseling from Andersonville Baptist Seminary. He has pastored several churches and presently pastors Union Avenue Baptist Church in Bogalusa. Louisiana. Dr. Steel and his wife, Stacey, have been married fourteen years. They have two children.

Dr. Steele is a native of East Texas and was raised in a violent and dysfunctional home. The pain he suffered as a child caused a great deal of suffering when he became an adult and created a feeling of unworthiness in his life. Although he had trusted Christ at the age of eight, for many years he thought that God's love was based on his worth. Since he felt that he had no worth, God's love was illusive and conditional. After sitting under many years of preaching, Dr. Steele realized that the image of God was being perpetuated by preachers everywhere. His desire in writing this book is to present a no nonsense, biblical perspective on love without all the trappings of most of the emotional jargon that is attached to the subject today. His direct approach in this book concerning God's love hopefully will help many, for the first time, begin to understand the love of God, how wonderful and expansive it is and how to express it to others. 


by Gene C. Smith

0892113545      $6.99

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   “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Basic Training contains thirteen lessons on important doctrines of the Bible. This study book will help the student fulfill the words of Paul to Timothy to study the Word of God so as not to be ashamed. This book is presented in simple terms to facilitate growth in God’s Word by new converts as well as long time believers who want to study these basic doctrines anew.

Lesson Titles:  

      1      The Word of God
      2      Creation
      3      The Lord's Church
      4      Salvation by Grace
      5      Blood Redemption
      6      Security of the Believer
      7      Baptism
      8      The Lord's Supper
      9      The Godhead
    10      Faithfulness
    11      The Second Coming of Christ
    12      Heaven
    13      Hel

by Gene C. Smith

0892114061      $6.99

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Each believer has a responsibility to manage his possessions for the glory of God. Ultimately, everything is owned by God. The believer is given temporary ownership of his talents and abilities. This book examines how a believer can live his life so as to bring honor to God through such things as his life, body, talents, money, time and influence.




About the Author:



by Todd Sadowski

0892113650      $6.99

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Money is a controversial topic in churches today. Faith and prayer are each mentioned in about five hundred verses. Money and possessions are mentioned in over twenty-three hundred verses! Not only that, about two-thirds of the parables Jesus spoke about dealt with money and possessions! The goal of this study is to train you to become a better steward and to find God's plan for your finances. This is where true financial freedom is attained. This study focuses on maintaining an eternal perspective on life, having unity with your spouse, developing a faith-based decision making process and finding security in Christ, not money. It is imperative to have biblically wise counsel to grow in this area.

After this, this study will focus your attention on financial wisdom. This area will continue the educational program but with a larger focus on day-to-day planning and real-life issues. You will study about different kinds of savings accounts, investments, insurance products, legal documents and more.

Lesson Titles:  

      1      Money
Tithes and Offerings
Giving Guide
How's It Flowin'?
Rags or Riches?
Sharing Risk
Cash Reserves and Liquid Investments
Passing It On
Making It Happe



About the Author:


   Todd Sadowski began working in the financial services business at age 18 while attending school. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Henderson State University in 1998. Upon graduation, Todd became securities licensed and took further steps required to become an Investment Advisor Representative. In 2000, he set out to form Christian Financial Principles, a financial planning and investment management company that is dedicated to applying God’s Word to its products and services. In 2002, Todd joined the Christian Financial Professionals Network. He has devoted his life to teaching God’s Word about finances. Since 2000, he has spoken at churches, pastors’ conferences, laymen’s conferences, couples’ retreats, public schools, colleges and more.

      Todd surrendered his life to Christ in 1998 at Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He and his wife, Holly, are active members of Center Fork. He works on his church’s finance committee, serves as an usher, and volunteers his time for the church puppet ministry. Todd is also secretary/treasurer and board member of The Kings Foundation and Living Waters Retreat.

      He feels that God’s will for everyone is to find financial peace in knowing and following God’s plan in their lives. His desire is to help people find this peace through stewardship workshops, written Christ-centered financial plans and Christian-screened investment portfolios.



James Jones

0892113707      $6.99

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This is a study about God-designed relationship. There are many relationships of which we are a part. There are roles and positions we must fill to function in life, society and the church. In a sense, we are like players on a football team; each one must know his position and fill it to have success.

Lesson Titles:  

      1      Introduction to the Divine Design for Relationships
      2      Factors that Help of Hinder Relationships
      3      The Relationship Between God and Christ
      4      The Relationship Between Christ and His Church
      5      The Relationship Between the Church and Its Membership
      6      The Relationship Between the Shepherd and His Flock
      7      The Relationship Between a Church and Its Mission
      8      The Relationship Between Husbands and Wives
      9      The Flawed/Broken Relationship Between Husbands and Wives
    10      The Relationship Between Parents and Children
    11      The Relationship Between Employer and Employees
    12      The Relationship Between Government and Its Citizenry
    13      Implementing the Divine Design 



About the Author:

      Dr. James M. Jones earned a B.S.E. from Henderson State University and a Th.D. from the Missionary Baptist Seminary in Little Rock, AR. He has spent forty years in ministry pastoring churches and serving as an ABA chaplain in the United States Air Force. He is married to the former June McWha. They have three children, Jason, Janee and Justin, and four grandchildren.

He is presently a member of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Jonesboro, AR. Being semi-retired, he does supply preaching, seminars and revivals.

His testimony: "God has blessed me bountifully in every area of my life. He is worthy of all worship, praise, and service that we can render. To me there is no higher calling than to serve as a pastor of one of the Lord's churches."

"This book is sent forth with the prayer that those who read it will endeavor to strengthen every godly relationship in which they are involved."



by Charles Law

0892113677      $6.99

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The divine purpose for godly living can be seen in the various covenants which God has made with men through the centuries. These compacts also set forth how people are to relate to God in acceptable worship and serve and how we are to relate to one another in our daily lives.

Lesson Titles:  

      1      Introduction to the Biblical Covenants
      2      The Edenic Covenant
      3      The Adamic Covenant
      4      The Noahic Covenant
      5      The Abrahamic Covenant (Part 1)
      6      The Abrahamic Covenant (Part 2)
      7      The Abrahamic Covenant (Part 3)
      8      The Mosaic Covenant (Part 1)
      9      The Mosaic Covenant (Part 2)
    10      The Davidic Covenant
    11      The New Covenant
    12      Israel's Covenant with the Anti-Christ
    13      The Everlasting Covenant
    Answers to Questions for Review and Additional Study  



About the Author:

Charles Law was reared in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he attended Central Baptist Church. He was saved and baptized when he turned 15, announced his call to the ministry at 18 and was ordained by Central Baptist Church when he was 19. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at the College of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas, and the Master and Doctor of Bible Languages degrees at Missionary Baptist Seminary in Little Rock, Arkansas. He served 20 years as a chaplain in the Air Force. His civilian pastorates, all in Arkansas, include Center Point Baptist Church, Hartman; Hephzibah Baptist Church, Emerson; Central Baptist Church, Fayetteville and Calvary Baptist Church, Magnolia.

During the past 30 years. Brother Law has accomplished numerous writing projects, including quarterlies for Sunday School, BTC, VBS and youth encampments. He and his wife Nancy have two grown, married children and one grandson and one granddaughter.