This Children's Chapel curriculum is designed for children ages 2 - 5

Take your children Beyond Basics!

The Beyond Basics Children's Chapel curriculum complements the Bible Basics Sunday School Curriculum. Beyond Basics may be used following Sunday School as an extended session to reinforce the Sunday School lesson. Or, Beyond Basics may be used independently of Sunday School at any other time, such as Sunday or Wednesday evenings.

The Beyond Basics Extended Session Kit contains materials for children's chapel for thirteen weeks (one quarter).

$88.95 Kit


All items listed below are included in the Resource Kit.

Beyond Basics Director's Guide
    Complete instructions for conducting the sessions are found in this book.
Beyond Basics Devotional Guide
    Each Sunday, teachers will present parents with a devotional guide for family devotional time.
Beyond Basics Resource Book
    Teachers will find patterns and reproducible materials
Beyond Basics Visual Aids
    Posters, puzzle, pictures, song poster and much more.
Beyond Basics Music CD

    Includes 6 songs


Quarterly Studies & Ordering


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We Learn About God's People


The children will learn the importance of listening and obeying God.

Unit 1—Listen to God
     Three Special Guests
     The Talking Donkey
     Samuel’s Call from God
     The Fish God Prepared
Unit 2—Do God’s Will
     Crossing the River
     The Walls Came Tumbling Down
     Power To Serve
     Saul Sees a Bright Light
Unit 3—Be a Witness
     Peter Learns To Tell Everyone
     Paul Goes to Macedonia
     Paul Tells the King
     Paul Tells the Men on the Ship
     Paul Tells the Island People

    1. Wonderful Words of Life
    2. Isn’t He Wonderful
    3. Twelve Disciples
    4. Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus
    5. Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
    6. Redeemed
    7. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Sample Pages

Director's Guide | Devotional Guide

Resource Book | Visuals


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