The Beyond Basics Extended Session Kit contains materials for children's chapel for thirteen weeks (one quarter).


All items listed below are included in the Resource Kit.

Beyond Basics Director's Guide
    Complete instructions for conducting the sessions are found in this book.
Beyond Basics Devotional Guide
    Each Sunday, teachers will present parents with a devotional guide for family devotional time.
Beyond Basics Resource Book
    Teachers will find patterns and reproducible materials
Beyond Basics Visual Aids
    Posters, puzzle, pictures, song poster and much more.
Beyond Basics Music CD

    Includes 6 songs



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There will be a 15% restocking fee. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED AFTER THE QUARTER BEGINS. No Exceptions!

Quarter 2013


We Learn About God's Love

The children will praise God for
daily blessings that show His love.

The children will learn about Jesus’ love in greater depth. They will learn about specific people who showed their love for the Lord. These things were written for our learning and for our example that we may learn to express our love for the Lord with talents and abilities He has given to us.

Unit 1, introduces Abraham who loved God to the extent of total obedience when God said move to a new country. The shepherd’s example of searching for a lost sheep, a young girl who told Naaman about a prophet who could heal his leprosy and Mary’s anointing Jesus with expensive ointment complete the lessons that focus on how people showed love for God.

Unit 2, shares Bible stories about miracles of Jesus. He did work that only God could do when He made water into wine at a wedding, stopped a storm with a command to the wind and sea, made a paralyzed man healthy again and walked on water.

Unit 3, has three more stories of miracles which show Jesus’ love. A deaf man who could not speak plainly was healed of his handicaps. A Gentile army officer showed great faith in Jesus’ love and power by asking Him to heal a servant who was near death. Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus, died and Jesus brought him back to life. The final two lessons of this unit go to the Old Testament characters of Elijah who went to Heaven without dying and Jacob who discovered God would be His constant companion.


    1. The Lord Is My Shepherd
    2. Jesus Loves Even Me
    3. O, How I Love Jesus
    4. Tell Me the Story of Jesus
    5. Everybody Ought To Know
    6. Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me


Sample Pages

Director's Guide | Devotional Guide | Resource Book







SPRING Quarter 2013


We Learn to Trust Jesus

The children will appreciate Jesus’ great love, discover miracles Jesus did and participate in forgiveness lessons.

Lesson Titles

Unit 1—Jesus Helps Others
    1—God’s Promises Are for Me
    2—Friends Take Their Friends to Jesus
    3—Bartimaeus’ Faith
    4—Only Believe
Unit 2—Jesus Shows Us How To Love
    5—Jesus Paid It All
    6—Jesus Is Alive
    7—Jesus Went Home
    8—Let the Children Come
    9—Commandments for All Times
Unit 3—Jesus Teaches Me To Forgive Others
    10—Freedom of Forgiveness
    11—Faith and Forgiveness
    12—Jesus Taught Others About Forgiveness
    13—Jesus Forgave Everyone


    1. The Lord Is My Shepherd
    2. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
    3. Jesus Loves Me
    4. Alive, Alive
    5. He Keeps Me Singing
    6. Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart


Sample Pages

Director's Guide | Devotional Guide | Resource Book