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Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Beebe, Arkansas has a Gulbransen Organ to give to any mission or church that needs one at this time. Needs some repair but looks like new. If your church or mission would be interested, please call Charlene Rowell, Church Clerk at 501-286-1840.


Harmony Missionary Baptist Church in Conway Arkansas has recently been blessed in the purchase of an older church building. The building has 10 fair condition 12 foot long pews. We would like to donate these to a church or mission if possible. We voted in business meeting to offer these to a group in need until June 4, 2016, as we need them out of the building ASAP in order to do repairs and cleaning. If your church or mission, or one you know of would like to come and get these pews please contact Hilary Johnston at 501-215-7031 or Jason Johnston at 501-215-7046. Email: or


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