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Prayer Requests –

Please pray for Pastor Johnny Marshall of First Missionary Baptist Church in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. He has 2 arteries that are pretty much clogged and this may be due to bad valves. Cardiologists will be looking to see the cause and cure of the problem. Thank you very much for you prayers. And remember to continue to pray for Anna his wife who is in a very hard battle with cancer. Thank you.

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Miscellaneous –

Providence Missionary Baptist Church

We are a small church in N.E. Arkansas outside of Marmaduke. God has blessed us with a large youth group for our size and is continuing to send families with young children to us. We are so thankful! We have a 15 passenger Church van that is old and has been breaking down over the last 5 years and now it is to the point that we are fearful to use it. We are praying that God can make a van available for us to use not only with our students but also on church trips with adult and Sr. adults. We’re of the belief that we don’t know until we ask and James says “you have not because you ask not” so we are taking God at His word and asking.
If you are a church that has recently upgraded, would you donate your old van to us? We would be very grateful.

e-mail:   with Van in the subject
phone: 870-783-2247



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State Meetings

Alabama State Meeting
March 2 & 3, 2018
Florence Blvd BC

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If you have information on meetings, send information to


Alabama State Ladies' Conference
March 2, 2018
Florence Blvd BC

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