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We had our furnace serviced at the church and it was “red flagged” because there are 2 cracks in the unit that may be emitting carbon monoxide. Bummer, because the weather just changed and today’s high is suppose to be only in the 30s. Solid Rock Baptist, in upstate New York, is a very small congregation and we would greatly appreciate some financial help in this issue. I asked the service technician what it would cost to replace the furnace and he was hesitant to give me a price. So I threw a number of $5000 out there and he said it would be at least that and that was not counting the labor. Some time this week I will meet with the people in charge who will determine our exact need and the exact cost. So, I am reaching out for your financial help if you are able. My email address is My cell phone is 717-419-5777. Our church phone is 315-776-4526. Thank you for helping. God bless.

Don Hagen, Pastor 
Solid Rock Baptist Mission
8505 South Street Road
Port Byron, New York 13140



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