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ABA Churches Seeking ABA Workers

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Associate Pastor


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Big Sky Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Dillon, Montana 

Contact: Ivan Hale / 524 Barnett Ave / Dillon MT 59725 / 406-683-5421 / imhale@q.com
   Small, established Lord's New Testament Church since 1975 seeking a God called pastor preaching and teaching the inspired and complete King James Version of the Word of God. He agrees with and practices the American Baptist Association Doctrinal Statement and Church Covenant and has an unending love for God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the saved brethren and the unsaved. We will provide a parsonage with attached two car garage, utilities and a small salary. Will need to be willing to work a secular job.

Bradley Road Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Contact: Pulpit Committee / 4395 Bradley Road / Colorado Springs CO 80911 / bradleyroadmbc@yahoo.com
   We are a small church looking for the pastor that God has already picked out for us.

Cane River Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Natchitoches, Louisiana

Contact: Terry Powell / PO Box 1085 / Natchitoches LA 71456 / 318-471-5237 canerivermbc@yahoo.com
In need of a God called man to fill the role of pastor in our church. Someone with great leadership qualities and a passion to reach the lost.

Central Baptist Church . . . . Bedford, Texas

Contact: Allen Mader / 5788 Fenway Court / Halton City TX 76137 / 817-581-7889 / adm817@charter.net
Central Baptist Church is Bedford, Texas (one of the mid-cities between Dallas and Fort Worth) is seeking and praying for a spirit filled Man of God who the Lord has prepared for us to follow. One who teaches the whole council of God, who stands on the truth of God's Word and one who allows God the freedom to use him to guide His flock on the pathway of righteousness. This is a full time pastoral position. Our church family is already praying for you. Please send your resume to our church email address: office@cbcbedford.com and we will contact you. You may also call my cell phone at 817-899-8388, if you have any questions.

Chapelwood Baptist Church . . . . Huntsville, Texas

Contact: Stephen Dawson / 300 Sunset Lake Rd / Huntsville TX 77340 / 936-661-3111 / shdawson11@sbcglobal.net
We are a small, established church seeking a pastor who wants to help us grow spiritually as well as numerically. Additional contact person: Paul Nash at pknash@suddenlink.net or 936-295-0467

Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Marysville, Ohio

Contact: Russell Karnes / 4290 Ostrander Rd / Ostrander OH 43040 / 740-803-3854 / russellkarnes40@yahoo.com
Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church in Marysville, Ohio (30 miles Northwest of Columbus, Ohio)is prayerfully seeking the Pastor that God has for us. He must meet ALL of the Pastoral qualifications as set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He must also be the scriptural pastor and under-shepherd that God wants Him to be. If you believe and feel that God is leading you in our direction, please contact Bro. Russell Karnes, the head of the pulpit committee, at (740)803-3854 or at russellkarnes40@yahoo.com.

Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Horine, Missouri

Contact: Larry Gray / 8226 Noce Rd / Bloomsdale MO 63627 / 573-535-4997 / roadskipper@netscape.net
We are searching for a Pastor that is an ABA Ordained Preacher. We are a small Church that love the Lord and and we use the King James Bible.

Harmony Missionary Baptist Church . . . . LaMonte, Missouri 

Contact: Charles Amos / PO Box 400 / LaMonte MO 65337 / 660-287-7665 / myharmonymbc@gmail.com
Small church in a small community seeking a pastor and wanting to grow, spiritually and in number. Located between Warrensburg and Sedalia. Whiteman Air Force Base located approximately 10 miles from church. No other ABA Missionary Baptist Church located within an hour of LaMonte.

Holland Chapel Baptist Church . . . . Benton, Arkansas 

Contact: Matt McGinty / 501-539-3836 / matt@brmcginty.com
We are currently in search of a lead pastor and I was simply wanting to make that aware to the ABA in hopes of obtaining recommendations and/or resumes from interested parties. Please feel
free to contact me at this email address or 501-539-3836. Thank you in advance for your prayers as we discern God's will in this search.

Holly Creek Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Contact: Mark Lindly, 580-236-1687 or Don Osborn, 580-236-1671
Please only those affiliated with ABA. For more information see contacts above.

Jefferson Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Jefferson, Maryland 

Contact: Ed Hartman / 276-694-6127 or 276-340-1653 / ehartman@embarqmail.com
   We are a small but dedicated mission work seeking a full time ABA missionary pastor who has a desire to preach to the lost, teach the saved, shepherd the flock and establish a self-supporting New Testament church within our community that will be a lighthouse for God’s Word. Our beliefs are fundamental, KJV, and ABA doctrinal statement. Our church building sits on three acres in a quaint little town in Maryland that is approximately 1 hour driving distance to Baltimore, MD, and Gettysburg, PA. All church property is debt free. Should the Lord so lead you in our direction please contact Bro. Ed Hartman.

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Edwards (Peoria), Illinois 

Contact: Mike Kruskop / 1404 W Chestnut St / Chillicothe IL 61523 / 309-360-6743 / mikeyphyllis@yahoo.com
   We are seeking for a Pastor, a true Shephard to teach and care for a small congregation of 30 members. We are looking for a man who meets all the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3, as well as aligns and agrees with the ABA Doctrinal Statement. We are a dedicated church body teaching and preaching God's Word using the KJV Bible, focusing on serving God in our local community of Peoria and supporting mission efforts across the World. Our goal is to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit in delivering God's Word, the Gospel message to a lost and dying world. We are currently able to support a small salary, so being bivocational may be neccessary while we grow. Our church building is sitting in an excellent location in the Peoria area, giving us a great opportunty for growth. If you are interested in considering LMBC at Edwards (Peoria) IL, please send your resume and qualifications.

Loveland Baptist Church. . . . Loveland, Colorado 

Contact: David Mundy / 303-834-2359 / dmundysr@aol.com
   We are praying to have our pulpit filled by the man God has chosen to shepherd his sheep at Loveland Baptist Church. We are a small established church desiring to grow spiritually by studying God's word, worshiping, and sharing the love of Christ with others. Our future pastor must meet the qualifications set forth in Titus and 1 Timothy and stand firm on the ABA doctrinal beliefs. Please contact the head of our pulpit committee at 303-834-2359 or dmundysr@aol.com

Northcrest Baptist Church . . . . Andrews, Texas 

Contact: Brother Jack Gregg, 432-438-1233, jggregg@suddenlink.net / Brother Brad Watts, 432-266-0488, bad_bradley195@hotmail.com / Brother Cory Marshall, 432-664-3152, cmars4990@suddenlink.net / Brother Max Hathcock, 432-425-4736, slbh_2000@yahoo.com
   We are prayerfully seeking the ABA pastor God has for our church. Must posses the qualifications of a pastor given in Timothy and Titus, preaching from the King James Version Holy Bible. If you feel God may be leading you to our church please contact one of the brethern listed above.

Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Enid, Oklahoma 

Contact: Craig Fischer, 580-603-9570 / Winnie Mae Fenimore, 580-237-8107



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First Baptist Church of Kingstowne. . . . Fredericksburg, Virginia

Contact: Pastor John Mix / pastor@kingstownebaptist.org
First Baptist Church of Kingtowne is seeking a Youth Pastor. Kingstowne is located in Alexandria, Virginia which is part of Fairfax County, the home of over one million residents. Candidates for this position must be Baptist and in full agreement with the church's doctrinal statement (www.kingstownebaptist.org). Youth leadership experience is preferred but is not required. The candidate must be married and have a genuine love for the Lord, His Church, and people of all ages, especially our youth. Please submit your resume to Pastor John Mix @ pastor@kingstownebaptist.org

Landmark Baptist Church . . . . Anderson, Indiana 

Contact: Pastor Gary Woodring / 1924 W Cross St / Anderson IN 46011 / 765-643-6232 / gary.woodring@gmail.com

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Overton, Texas 

Contact: Pete Thompson / 6876 Hwy 323 / Overton TX 75684 / 903-253-1426 / pastor@pleasanthill-baptist.org
   We are seeking a married man whose wife will be involved in the ministry with him. The job would be part time, 15 to 20 hours a week outside of regular church services. We need someone who is outreach minded and loves teenagers and children. Organizational and administrative skills are a must. Please call Pete Thompson 903-253-1426 if you are interested or know of anybody who might be interested.

Union Heritage Baptist Church . . . . Bogalusa, Louisiana 

Contact: Joseph Porter / 20099 Caroline Dr / Bogalusa LA 70427 / 985-750-6880 / preacherjoe50@yahoo.com
   Currently without youth in our church so one would have to start from scratch. Very little pay at this time so one would have to be totally led of God with a real burden for young people. We are traditional in music and conservative in standards.

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First Baptist Church of Kingstowne. . . . Fredericksburg, Virginia

Contact: Pastor John Mix / pastor@kingstownebaptist.org
First Baptist Church of Kingstowne is seeking a full time Missionary Pastor for our mission work, Benchmark Baptist Fellowship, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fredericksburg, Virginia, is located in Spotsylvania County, about 60 miles south of our Nation’s Capital. Fredericksburg is a rapidly growing city of about 25,000 on I-95. We are a dedicated group of people seeking to reach our community, county, state and beyond with the Gospel. We are seeking God’s man to come lead the mission work and establish a self-supporting work. We are an independent, fundamental, KJV Church in fellowship with the American Baptist Association. Our Pastor is Bro. John Mix and our point of contact for the Missionary Pastor Search Committee is Bro. Jim Bowling. He can be reached at – Home phone (703) 922-8628, mobile (703) 309-6364, and email jbowlingjr@aol.com

Leola Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Leola, Arkansas

Contact: Chester Gifford / 501-213-6244 / gifforc@gmail.com
Leola Missionary Baptist Church is seeking an ABA ordained pastor to lead our Spanish Mission work. This candidate would need to be available throughout the week at LMBC and would be in charge of conducting Spanish as well as translated services, as well as keeping the church informed of the status of the Spanish mission. If necessary the position can begin bivocational, depending on the needs of the candidate.


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Music Minister

Landmark Baptist Church . . . . Anderson, Indiana 

Contact: Pastor Gary Woodring / 1924 W Cross St / Anderson IN 46011 / 765-643-6232 / gary.woodring@gmail.com


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Baptist Church . . . . Acworth, Georgia 

Contact: Pastor Mike Maxwell / 6069 Woodstock Rd / Acworth / 770-917-9100 / mmaxwell@hbcacowrth.org
Seeking part-time Children's Minister/Director to minister to K-5th graders. Should have experience working in Children's Ministry. Send resume to Pastor Mike Maxwell, Hillcrest Baptist Church

Magnolia Springs
Baptist Church . . . . Thedore, Alabama 

Contact: Pastor David E Gonnella / 6058 Theodore Dawes Rd / Theodore AL 36582 / 251-653-7204 / davekrxt@hotmail.com
Seeking young couple with children to serve as part-time children's ministers. Must adhere to the ABA Statement of Faith, KJV, traditional music. Must have the recommendation of their seminary and pastor. We offer a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house rent free. Support will be raised as you bring in families to the church, with the goal being full-time.


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