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ABA Churches Seeking ABA Workers

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Associate Pastor

Golden Meadows Baptist Church . . . . Garland, Texas 

Contact: Robert Redus / 972-365-0522 / robertredus@gmail.com
Golden Meadows BC in Garland, Texas (DFW area) is seeking a young man to serve as associate pastor. We are a small congregation but able to pay a part time salary. Must be God-called and able to share in the duties of the senior pastor and other areas as needed. Emphasis of the position is on outreach to young families, leading worship in a blended worship style and ability and willingness to use modern tools of technology. He will also do some of the preaching. This is not a youth position but will involve some youth and children's work including camp, VBS and teaching where needed. He must be in full agreement with the doctrinal statement of the churches of the American Baptist Association. Please send resume to pastor Robert Redus at robertredus@gmail.com or for more information email or call me at 972-365-0522.


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Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Leavenworth, Kansas 

Contact: Randy Finney / 913-240-0976 / shawnlfinney@yahoo.com
   Praying for the man that God has for us. Seeking an individual who possesses the qualifications of a pastor given in Timothy and Titus and who is in agreement with the ABA doctrine and KJV Bible. Contact Randy Finney (913)240-0976, Don Anderson (913)651-6139 or Doug Garrett (913)651-6390.

Bradley Road Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Contact: Pulpit Committee / 4395 Bradley Rd / Colorado Springs CO 80911 / bradleyroadmbc@yahoo.com
   We are a small church looking for the pastor that God has already picked out for us.

Big Sky Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Dillon, Montana 

Contact: Ivan Hale / 524 Barnett Ave / Dillon MT 59725 / 406-683-5421 / imhale@q.com
   Small, established Lord's New Testament Church since 1975 seeking a God called pastor preaching and teaching the inspired and complete King James Version of the Word of God. He agrees with and practices the American Baptist Association Doctrinal Statement and Church Covenant and has an unending love for God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the saved brethren and the unsaved. We will provide a parsonage with attached two car garage, utilities and a small salary. Will need to be willing to work a secular job.

Cornerville Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Star City, Arkansas

Contact: Billy Ray Miller / 2060 Crook Ln / Rison AR 71665 / 870-357-2555 brmiller41@yahoo.com
Smaller church with a desire to grow. Other contact: Sndy Williams, 931 N. Martin, Warren AR 71671, e-mail sandra014@gloal.neisbc

Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Horine, Missouri

Contact: Larry Gray / 8226 Noce Rd / Bloomsdale MO 63627 / 573-535-4997 / roadskipper@netscape.net
We are searching for a Pastor that is an ABA Ordained Preacher. We are a small Church that love the Lord and and we use the King James Bible.

First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Mishawaka, Indiana 

Contact: Tyler Lock / 55933 Fir Rd / Mishawaka IN 46545 / 316-207-4497 / tlock22484@yahoo.com
1st Landmark Missionary Baptist Church is currently seeking a Bible teaching, Bible Preaching Pastor to fill the pulpit. We are a small congregation who seeks the man God has chosen for his New Testament Church. KJV Bible only.

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Edwards, Illinois 

Contact: Mike Kruskop / 1404 W Chestnut St / Chillicothe IL 61523 / 309-360-6743 / mikeyphyllis@yahoo.com
   Our loving Pastor of 20 years recently lost his fight with cancer so we are looking for the man that God has prepared to take his place. We are a small church but very dedicated to serving the Lord. We are seeking a true shepherd that is willing to teach and care for his flock. Our salary would be small, so the candidate should be bi vocational but willing to lead the church back into full-time work. All church property is debt free. We seek a man who meets all the qualifications in I Timothy 3 and agrees with the ABA doctrinal statement.

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Smithville, Missouri 

Contact: Ron Snow / 5734 NE Vivion Rd / Kansas City MO 64119 / 816-455-2085 / snow1081@hotmail.com
   Small ABA congregation just North of Kansas City is prayfully seeking a man to step in after our Pastor retires. God's chosen man will need to be bivocational until congregation can be built up. The church currently has a daycare ministry for people with lower income. Contact Pastor Ron Snow 816-455-2085 or 816-532-4400

Memory Lane Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Palestine, Texas 

Contact: Homer Bentley / 1120 E Lacy St / Palestine TX 75801 / 903-729-2304 / hbentley@windjammercable.net
   We are searching for an ABA preacher dedicated to the doctrines of the ABA, experience preferred, that has not been divorced and remarried. If interested email at listed email address or phone.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Mountain Home, Arkansas 

Contact: Jim Dooms / 641 Shorecrest Dr / Mountain Home AR 72653 / 870-405-1615 / jimdooms@hotmail.com
   We are looking for someone who is willing to move to this area. We are a small church located in the downtown area of Mountain Home.

Northcrest Baptist Church . . . . Andrews, Texas 

Contact: Jack Greg / PO Box 1995 / Andrews TX 79714 / 432-438-1233 cmars4990@suddenlink.net
Northcrest Baptist Church in Andrews, TX is seeking a full time Pastor, preaching and teaching out of the KJV Holy Bible. Northcrest is in agreement with the doctrinal statements of the ABA. Pastor must possess the qualifications of Bishop given in Timothy and Titus. If you are qualified and feel God’s call to respond, please contact Brother’s Jack Greg: 432-438-1233, Brad Watts: 432-266-0488, or Max Hathcock: 432-425-4736.

Redmond Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Redmond, Oregon 

Contact: Don / 1015 SW Cascade / Redmond OR 97756 / 541-923-0359 / sledgefam3@msn.com
   The Missionary Baptist Church in Redmond, Oregon is seeking a pastor. Any man that is interested must be in total agreement with our doctrinal statement. This may be viewed by going to our website at redmondmbc.org and click on "our beliefs". We may be contacted by phone: 541-923-0359, email: sledgefam3@msn.com or mail: 1015 SW Cascade Ave. Redmond, OR 97756

20th Street Baptist Church . . . . Rockford, Illinois 

Contact: Deacon Pat Chadwick / 5820 20th St / Rockford IL 61109 / 815-520-1686
   We are praying for the man that God has for us. Seeking an individual who possesses the qualifications of a Pastor as given in Timothy and Titus and preaches from KJV. We average about 40 for the Sunday Morning Service. Please call our Deacon Pat Chadwick at the number listed or Deacon Al White at 815-975-4160.

Twin Lakes Baptist Church . . . . Gallup, New Mexico 

Contact: Garrett Lee / PO Box 1164 / Gallup NM 87305 / 505-979-4541 / jbakernavajo@aol.com
   Twin Lakes BC, 8 miles north of Gallup, NM on Highway 491, (Four Corners region) is seeking a Missionary Pastor. The church’s ministry is focused toward reaching the Navajo people. The 90 acres of property and the church building are debt-free. The ministry includes a busy summer VBS schedule on the Navajo Reservation, a Christmas project for children, plans to develop a youth camp, and other outreach opportunities. Landmark MBC in Prescott Valley, AZ is the sending church and desires to continue sponsoring the work. Anyone interested may contact the sponsoring pastor, Bro. Dennis Sullivan, at 928-759-0369, or Bro. Garrett Lee, the treasurer of Twin Lakes Baptist, at 505-979-4541. Evenings or weekends are the best times to call both men. You may also contact Bro. Jerry Baker at 505-870-1781. After 12 ½ years of establishing the work, Bro. Baker is resigning but willing to assist and/or answer any questions regarding the ministry.


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Cross Roads Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Hughes Springs, Texas 

Contact: Daniel McGuire / 11608 FM 130 / Hughes Springs TX 75656 / 903-563-4868 / pastormcguire@aol.com
   We are searching and praying for a full-time youth minister who has a great passion for youth. We are blessed with a large youth group and we are deeply vested in their spiritual and physical needs. Duties would include: Education Director, transportation (van ministry), church functions, Academic and Athletic functions, visitation when needed and Assistant to the Pastor. If you feel led to respond, please send a reume to Pastormcguire@aol.com or contact Pastor Daniel McGuire at (903) 563-4868.

Olive Branch Baptist Church . . . . Pine Bluff, Arkansas 

Contact: Olive Branch BC / Pine Bluff AR / olivebranchbaptist@gmail.com
Our youth minister recently resigned his position in order to begin deputation and preparation for Australia missions. We are looking for a young man with a heart for young people to fill this vacancy. We prefer the candidate to be married. If the Lord is leading you into this ministry, please send a resume including your testimony, experience, church membership, references, and contact information.

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First Baptist Church of Kingstowne. . . . Alexandria, Virginia

Contact: Jim Bowling / 703-922-8628 or 703-309-6364 / jbowlingjr@aol.com
The First Baptist Church of Kingstowne is seeking a full time Missionary Pastor for our mission work, Benchmark Baptist Fellowship, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fredericksburg, Virginia, is located in Spotsylvania County, about 60 miles south of our Nation’s Capital. Fredericksburg is a rapidly growing city of about 25,000 on I-95. We are a dedicated group of people seeking to reach our community, county, state and beyond with the Gospel. We are seeking God’s man to come lead the mission work and establish a self-supporting work. We are an independent, fundamental, KJV Church in fellowship with the American Baptist Association. Our Pastor is Bro. John Mix and our point of contact for the Missionary Pastor Search Committee is Bro. Jim Bowling. He can be reached at – Home phone (703) 922-8628, mobile (703) 309-6364, and email jbowlingjr@aol.com 

Leola Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Leola, Arkansas

Contact: Chester Gifford / 501-213-6244 / gifforc@gmail.com
Leola Missionary Baptist Church is seeking an ABA ordained pastor to lead our Spanish Mission work. This candidate would need to be available throughout the week at LMBC and would be in charge of conducting Spanish as well as translated services, as well as keeping the church informed of the status of the Spanish mission. If necessary the position can begin bivocational, depending on the needs of the candidate.

Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma

Contact: Pastor Rick McVeigh / 1312 E Jackson Ave N / Sapulpa OK 74066 / 918-224-4393 / rmcveigh@cox.net
We are seeking a Spanish-speaking Missionary for our Hispanic Mission in Tulsa, OK. There is a large Hispanic population in this area we desire to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Missionary must be sound in Missionary Baptist Doctrine, speak at least some English and be a U.S. citizen. Contact us if the Lord impresses this upon you. Please pray for us in this effort.

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Music Minister

Journey Baptist Church . . . . New Boston, Texas 

Contact: Barry Bobbitt / 304 N Frost / New Boston TX / 903-249-4149 / barry.bobbitt@gmail.com
We are seeking someone to lead our music on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. We use hymns and praise music. The individual will need to work a secular job. Journey has been in business since November of 2013. We are a very relaxed congregation that is serious about worshiping God. Please contact the Pastor Barry Bobbitt with any interest. New Boston is about 20 miles west of Texarkana on I 30.


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