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ABA Churches Seeking ABA Workers

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Associate Pastor


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Big Sky Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Dillon, Montana 

Contact: Ivan Hale / 524 Barnett Ave / Dillon MT 59725 / 406-683-5421 / imhale@q.com
   Small, established Lord's New Testament Church since 1975 seeking a God called pastor preaching and teaching the inspired and complete King James Version of the Word of God. He agrees with and practices the American Baptist Association Doctrinal Statement and Church Covenant and has an unending love for God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the saved brethren and the unsaved. We will provide a parsonage with attached two car garage, utilities and a small salary. Will need to be willing to work a secular job.

Cane River Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Natchitoches, Louisiana

Contact: Terry Powell / PO Box 1085 / Natchitoches LA 71456 / 318-471-5237 canerivermbc@yahoo.com
In need of a God called man to fill the role of pastor in our church. Someone with great leadership qualities and a passion to reach the lost.

Central Baptist Church . . . . Bedford, Texas

Contact: Allen Mader / 5788 Fenway Court / Halton City TX 76137 / 817-581-7889 / adm817@charter.net
Central Baptist Church is Bedford, Texas (one of the mid-cities between Dallas and Fort Worth) is seeking and praying for a spirit filled Man of God who the Lord has prepared for us to follow. One who teaches the whole council of God, who stands on the truth of God's Word and one who allows God the freedom to use him to guide His flock on the pathway of righteousness. This is a full time pastoral position. Our church family is already praying for you. Please send your resume to our church email address: office@cbcbedford.com and we will contact you. You may also call my cell phone at 817-899-8388, if you have any questions.

Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Marysville, Ohio

Contact: Russell Karnes / 4290 Ostrander Rd / Ostrander OH 43040 / 740-803-3854 / russellkarnes40@yahoo.com
Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church in Marysville, Ohio (30 miles Northwest of Columbus, Ohio)is prayerfully seeking the Pastor that God has for us. He must meet ALL of the Pastoral qualifications as set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He must also be the scriptural pastor and under-shepherd that God wants Him to be. If you believe and feel that God is leading you in our direction, please contact Bro. Russell Karnes, the head of the pulpit committee, at (740)803-3854 or at russellkarnes40@yahoo.com

First Landmark Baptist Church. . . . North Bend, Oregon 

Contact: Stan Wert / 2340 Connecticut Ave / North Bend OR / 541-756-7525 / sewert54@gmail.com
   We currently without a pastor and actively seeking a man to fill that position. We are seeking a man who holds to the Doctrinal Statement agreed to by the American Baptist Association and who desires to actively encourage the church in growth in both body and in spirit.

The Coos Bay Church associates with the “Oregon State Association of Missionary Baptist Churches.” Coos Bay is located on the beautiful southern Oregon coast at the mouth of the Coos River and has great potential for growth. The Coos Bay church is small and not able to support a full time pastor at this time, but would like to reach that goal with enough growth.

Holly Creek Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Contact: Mark Lindly, 580-236-1687 or Don Osborn, 580-236-1671
Please only those affiliated with ABA. For more information see contacts above.

Hoopa Landmark Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Hoopa, California

Contact: Kenneth McAdams / PO Box 1455 / Hoopa CA 95546 / 530-625-4859 / 38chevytruck@gmail.com
We are seeking a man who God has prepared for our newly organized New Testament Church in Hoopa, CA. We are praying for a man who is spirit filled and grounded in the truth and doctrines of God’s word, a man who preaches and teaches from the KJV and holds to the American Baptist Association Doctrinal Statement and fellowship with sister churches. We are beginning a parsonage building project, currently do community outreach and we are burdened for lost souls. We would need someone who could supplement your salary with retirement of a secular vocation until church growth is achieved. If you are lead please submit your resume and/or contact Bro Kenneth McAdams, Pulpit Committee Member 38chevytruck@gmail.com or call (530) 625-4859

Landmark Baptist Church. . . . Dothan, Alabama 

Contact: Pulpit Committee: Chris Parrish, clparrish16@comcast.net, 334-701-3918 or
Ken Dunn, drkens@graceba.net, 800-773-4555
   Landmark Baptist Church of Dothan, Alabama in the tri-state area of southeast Alabama known as "The Wiregrass" is currently seeking the Pastor God has already chosen to fill this vacancy. Only God called men: who meet all the qualifications of I Timothy and Titus, who adhere to Missionary Baptist doctrine, who are in fellowship with the American Baptist Association, who preach and teach only from the KJV are encouraged to send resumes via email to Landmark Baptist Church pulpit committee persons: Chris Parrish at clparrish16@comcast.net 334-701-3918 or Ken Dunn at drkens@graceba.net 800-773-4555.

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Farminington, New Mexico 

Contact: Larry Bryant / 26 Road 3092 / Aztec NM 87410-2905 / 505-860-6452 / arkansas_traveler01@yahoo.com
   We are looking for the pastor GOD has for us. He must be ABA, believe in the Doctrinal Statement of the ABA, possess the qualifications of a pastor as given in Timothy and Titus, and preach and teach from the KJV Bible.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Kokomo, Indiana 

Contact: Attn: Leo Stone / New Hope MBC / 1131 N Burke St / 765-453-2444 / Kokomo IN 46901
   We are a small church of 20-30 people, located in the flat lands of central Indiana. Kokomo is an automotive I farm community of approximately 80,000 folks. We are needing a God chosen man to lead us in the spreading of God's teachings as outlined in the King James's Bible, a man grounded in the beliefs that parallel the ABA principles. At present, you would probably need to supplement your church supplied salary with a secular vocation. If you feel that you are being called to grow our church and spread God's word, please send resumes and qualifications to; New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 1131 N Burke St, Kokomo, IN 46901, Attn: Leo Stone

Redmond Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Redmond, Oregon 

Contact: Don Sledge / 5460 SW LynX / Redmond OR 97756 / 541-923-0359 / sledgefam3@msn.com
In the heart of beautiful Central Oregon, Redmond Missionary Baptist Church seeks a pastor willing to join a small but dedicated body in reaching the lost in a community of 27,000. Current outreach includes yearly VBS and Missions Conference, nursing home services, and youth program with plentiful opportunity for growth and development. Our church desires to follow a committed biblical leader, meeting the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy and Titus. If you could be the one to answer God's call in Redmond, please contact Don at 541-923-0359 or sledgefam3@msn.com. For more information visit our website, www.redmondmbc.org

Ridgecrest Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Levelland, Texas 

Contact: Don Hallett / Levelland TX 79336 / 806-894-5550 / ridgecrestmissionary_b@yahoo.com
We are seeking a full-time pastor for our congregation here in Levelland, Texas. Levelland is a community of about 15,000 people thirty miles west of Lubbock. The people here are friendly and willing to help each other in times of need, such as the recent winter storm. Most of our congregation is over the age of 50, but we would be willing to work with a younger pastor. If interested please call the church at (806) 894-5550, or our Deacon, Bro. Don Hallett at (806) 893-0595. Thanks for your time and God Bless!

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Northside Baptist Church . . . . Ocala, Florida 

Contact: Wesley Woods / 2321 NE 11th Ave / Ocala FL / 352-362-4110 / browesley@hotmail.com
   Northside Baptist church in Ocala, FL is currently looking to fill the position of youth pastor. please send resumes along with references to browesley@hotmail.com....can also reach us at 352-362-4110.

Oak Grove Baptist Church . . . . Broken Bow, Oklahoma 

Contact: Greg Curtis / 2464 Red Arrow Rd / Broken Bow OK 74728 / 580-584-9363 / gregandconnie@yahoo.com
   We are a mid sized progressive rural church with a large, active and dedicated youth group. We are seeking the man God has for our youth minister. Our previous youth minister resigned to become a pastor and left with our full blessing. We cannot pay a full time salary but can offer a generous part time salary with the understanding that if you need to get a second part time job, we will work with you. Our kids attend AYC, Next Camp and are accustomed to mission trips and service projects. Our church is growing and might soon be able to pay full time, especially if the right man comes and helps us grow even more! We know he's out there, and we faithfully await the time God brings us together! Married or single, please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to send you a detailed job description and questionnaire.

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Overton, Texas 

Contact: Pete Thompson / 6876 Hwy 323 / Overton TX 75684 / 903-253-1426 / pastor@pleasanthill-baptist.org
   We are seeking a married man whose wife will be involved in the ministry with him. The job would be part time, 15 to 20 hours a week outside of regular church services. We need someone who is outreach minded and loves teenagers and children. Organizational and administrative skills are a must. Please call Pete Thompson 903-253-1426 if you are interested or know of anybody who might be interested.


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First Baptist Church of Kingstowne. . . . Fredericksburg, Virginia

Contact: Pastor John Mix / pastor@kingstownebaptist.org
First Baptist Church of Kingstowne is seeking a full time Missionary Pastor for our mission work, Benchmark Baptist Fellowship, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fredericksburg, Virginia, is located in Spotsylvania County, about 60 miles south of our Nation’s Capital. Fredericksburg is a rapidly growing city of about 25,000 on I-95. We are a dedicated group of people seeking to reach our community, county, state and beyond with the Gospel. We are seeking God’s man to come lead the mission work and establish a self-supporting work. We are an independent, fundamental, KJV Church in fellowship with the American Baptist Association. Our Pastor is Bro. John Mix and our point of contact for the Missionary Pastor Search Committee is Bro. Jim Bowling. He can be reached at – Home phone (703) 922-8628, mobile (703) 309-6364, and email jbowlingjr@aol.com

Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma

Contact: Pastor Rick McVeigh / 1312 E Jackson Ave N / Sapulpa OK 74066 / 918-224-4393 rmcveigh@cox.net
We are seeking a Spanish-speaking Missionary for our Hispanic Mission. The man must be sound in doctrine and able to speak at least some English. Also, the man must be a citizen of USA. There are many Spanish-speaking people in this area and we have a desire to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Contact us if the Lord impresses upon you to do so. Please pray for us as we seek the man the Lord would have here. Thank you.


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Music Minister


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