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ABA Churches Seeking ABA Workers

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Associate Pastor


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Bethel Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Searcy, Arkansas 

Contact: Nathaniel Allen / 503-753-1843 / bethel.baptistaba@gmail.com
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church is prayerfully seeking a full-time pastor to join a small but dedicated body of believers here in Searcy, Arkansas. Our church desires to follow a committed biblical leader meeting the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy and Titus. Applicant must adhere to ABA doctrinal statement. If you could be the man to answer God's call please contact Nathaniel at 503-753-1843 or Brent at 501-288-3561.

Eastgate Baptist Church . . . . Greenwood, Mississippi 

Contact: Christy Powell/ christypowell5@aol.com
We are praying for God’s direction in the selection of the man He has for us. If you are ABA affiliated and a KJV preacher and are interested in being used of God in a small church, please send your resume to christypowell5@aol.com

Faith Missionary Baptist Church . . . . New Bosston, Texas 

Contact: Pastor Search Committee / 301 North Bowie / New Boston TX 75570 / 903-628-3395 / pastorscfaithnb@gmail.com
Faith Missionary Baptist Church located in New Boston, TX 26 miles west of Texarkana, TX. The population for New Boston was 4,546 as of the 2010 census. Our average attendance for Sunday morning worship is 80. Our church worship services combine traditional and contemporary styles of music.
    Job Description: We are prayerfully seeking the man God has chosen to be our full-time pastor and shepherd of our small town congregation; a man who is biblically grounded, mission minded, and a man of good character as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:1-9.
    Job requirements: The love and spiritual leading to preach and teach God's word.
Love for God and people.
Establish a vision and develop a strategic plan for the church.
Possess a strong knowledge of the Bible and skilled in biblical teaching.
Care for the church family. (i.e. hospital and home visitations, counseling)
Oversee the various ministries of the church as listed on our website.
Support and promote missions of the church.
Direct community evangelism.
Work closely with church Deacons and staff.
Basic computer skills required.
    Education and Experience Requirements: Licensed and ordained minister
Pastoral experience preferred but not required
    How to apply: Each applicant is asked to include a personal statement of faith in their resume
Send resume with references to pastorscfaithnb@gmail.com or 301 North Bowie New Boston TX, 75570
    Application deadline: Resumes will be accepted until position is filled.

Grace Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Topeka, Kansas 

Contact: Carla P Anderson / 1856 E 600 Rd / Lecompton KS 66050 / 785-806-3043 / cpguitar@yahoo.com
   Grace Missionary Baptist Church is currently seeking a pastor. We are prayerfully seeking a full-time pastor to work with our small church family in Topeka, KS and surrounding areas. Our church is interested in a man who meets the requirements of 1 Timothy and Titus, who is affiliated with the ABA, and will preach from the KJV only. If you feel called to consider our church, please contact our clerk, Carla P. Anderson at (785) 806-3043. A questionnaire will be sent to you for return with your prayerful heart felt answers. If you have any questions of us, we are more than happy to provide you with answers in return.

Hickory Street Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Sandpoint, Idaho 

Contact: John Wood / 292 Pinecrest Loop / Sandpoint ID 83864 / johnnbetty@hotmail.com
Hickory Street Missionary Baptist Church in Sandpoint Idaho is looking for a God called man to lead us in God's work. We are a small church that is not able to pay a full time salary. We are looking for a once married man that associates with the American Baptist Association and adheres to their doctrinal statements. If interested please email John Wood  at johnnbetty@hotmail.com 

Holly Creek Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Broken Bow, Oklahoma 

Contact: Mark Lindly / 580-306-5434
Holly Creek MBC, Broken Bow OK, is seeking a part time pastor. Holly Creek is a small, rural church in southeastern Oklahoma. The position comes with a small salary, parsonage and utilities. For more information, contact Mark Lindly at 580-306-5424.

Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Spiro, Oklahoma 

Contact: Keith Wilson / 706 Anne Dr / Spiro OK 74959 / 501-412-4245 / jkw34@yahoo.com
   Lakeview is seeking a youth minister, we are KJV only, conservative in teaching and belief. We seek someone with these beliefs that can work with our youth and our Pastor. This position is not full time. If interested send resume to jkw34@yahoo.com

Landmark Baptist Church. . . . Bonner Springs, Kansas 

Contact: Wayne Miller / PO Box 114 / Bonner Springs KS 66012 / 816-769-0721 / wmiller50@aol.com
   We are seeking a full time pastor. Our church has been in existence for over 60 years but like many churches today we have declining attendance. We are looking for a man to lead us in growing our membership and attendance. This is not an easy task these days as many other churches are seeing the same issue. We are very much aware that the pastor can not do this alone and we are willing to follow his lead to advance the cause of Christ and grow our church. We are open to considering a man just starting his ministry as well as one with experience. We will only consider a man who is associated with The American Baptist Association

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Waco, Texas 

Contact: Mike Pearson / 321 Sundown Dr / Woodway TX 76712 / 254-405-1305 / pearsons5@earthlink.net
Landmark MBC in Waco, TX. Is seeking a full-time Pastor. Our Church was established 65yrs. ago and our Pastor for over 30yrs. has retired for health reasons. Applicant should meet the qualifications set forth in the word of God, be in complete agreement with the doctrinal statement of the ABA and support ABA Mission work, preach and teach the whole and true Word of God from the King James Bible, and have a heart for outreach in our community and schools. Please send resume to the above address.

Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Bogalusa, Louisiana 

Contact: Willie Wheat / 985-735-5115
We are praying for the man God has for us as Pastor of our church. If after praying about this, you feel God is leading you to us please contact me. If no answer, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Kokomo, Indiana 

Contact: Jerry Zabst / 1131 N Burke St / Kokomo IN 46902 / 765-459-5792 / ronnierunyon@att.net or diwaln@msn.com
   We are a small church of 20-30 people, located in the flat lands of central Indiana. Kokomo is an automotive/farm community of approximately 80,000 folks. We are needing a God chosen man to lead us in the spreading of God's teachings as outlined in the King James's Bible, a man grounded in the beleifs that parallel the ABA principles. At present, you would probably need to supplement your church supplied salary with a secular vocation. If you feel that you are being called to grow our church and spread God's Word, please send resumes and qualifications to; New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 1131 N. Burke St., Kokomo, IN 46902, Attn: Jerry Zabst or call Jerry at 765-459-5792

Northside Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Ocala, Florida 

Contact: Christi Merritt / 352-629-1880 / secretarynmbc@gmail.com
   Northside MBC of Ocala, FL is currently seeking a full-time pastor. Applicant must believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God, meet all the qualifications of I Timothy and Titus, preach and teach only from the King James Version, be a part of and in good fellowship with the American Baptist Association, be in complete conviction/agreement with the ABA Doctrinal Statement. Applicant is asked to submit a resume that includes educational background, previous positions, and reference contact information via email to Paul Merritt at secretarynmbc@gmail.com

Redmond Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Redmond, Oregon 

In the heart of beautiful Central Oregon, Redmond Missionary Baptist Church seeks a pastor desiring to join a small but dedicated body in reaching the lost in a community of 27,000. Current outreach includes yearly VBS and Missions Conference, nursing home services, and youth program with plentiful opportunity for growth and development. Our church desires to follow a committed biblical leader meeting the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy and Titus. If you could be the one to answer God's call in Redmond, please contact us by email at info@redmondmbc.org or call Jeff at 541-548-6613. For more information visit our website, www.redmondmbc.org.

Tall City Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Midland, Texas 

Contact: Marilyn Russell / PO Box 3235 / Midland TX 79702-3235 / 432-557-1039 / mrlynmrlynrs@aim.com
We are seeking a pastor. For more information, please call or write. P.O. Box 3235, Midland TX 79702-3235.

Wildwood Baptist Church . . . . Chino Valley, Arizona 

Contact: Joe Rogers / PO Box 806 / Chino Valley AZ 86323 / 928-626-6012 / w6cef@cableone.net
Wildwood Baptist Church of Chino Valley, AZ, is seeking a pastor. Our pastor is retiring after 18 years of service to our church. The church is a mix of older people and children. Our current attendance is 18 to 20 adults and children We have a building that is paid for and in good condition. Chino Valley Arizona is a small town 15 miles north of Prescott, AZ at an elevation of 4,500 feet.
Applicant must agree with the ABA Doctrinal Statement. The applicant is asked to submit a resume that includes educational background, previous positions, and reference contact information. Our church desires to follow a committed biblical leader meeting the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy. The individual will most likely need to be willing to work outside the church. Email Joe Rogers at w6cef@cableone.net or by phone at 928-636-6012. The Church mailing address is Wildwood Baptist Church, P.O. Box 2806, Chino Valley, AZ 86323.

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Faith Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Cabot, Arkansas 

Contact: Rich Hamlin / 301 Bill Foster Memorial Highway / Cabot AR 72023 / 501-843-5291 / r14louis@hotmail.com
   Faith MBC is searching for an addition to our pastoral team to serve as pastor of outreach and youth. Our goal for the position is to work in improving our outreach to our community and provide leadership, training, and oversight to our youth volunteers. We are seeking a person with a strong commitment to pastoral ministry and to building relationships with students both in the church and in the community. This is a full time position with salary dependant on education and ministry experience.

Red Springs Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Gurdon, Arkansas 

Contact: rsmbc71743@yahoo.com
Red Springs MBC in Gurdon, Arkansas is seeking a Youth Minister. Please pray for us and if you feel called to come minister to the youth of Gurdon, send your information to rsmbc71743@yahoo.com. God bless!

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Church Planters Needed in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area 

Contact: Bro. David Smith / 817-726-8781 / DavidPSmith47@gmail.com

The Central Texas Mission Council (CMTC) is composed of churches in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area and exists for the purpose of promoting and supporting mission work in the DFW area and surrounding communities. The DFW area is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the US with population of over 7.1million people. We are a city of minorities. The Hispanic population is now larger than the Anglo population. There are over 165 different language groups living in the greater Dallas area. Currently, 1 in 5 of our population was born in a foreign country. This growth trend is expected to continue far into the future.

The Need for solid Bible believing New Testament Churches is at an all-time high, especially when there are so many churches that have watered down the message everywhere and the unchurched are rapidly increasing. In light of this, the CMTC has selected a church planting vision and strategy team whose purpose is to promote this need and seek church planters and sending churches with a vision and zeal for church planting in this large and diverse metropolitan area. 

The churches composing the CMTC are willing to get behind the man who is strongly committed to what is sure to be a long-term effort. Like many others, this is a challenging area and any church plant will be very costly and we should use every tool and resource at our disposal to help a work succeed. To this end, we request that the God-called church planter send a resume, submit to an interview, and be willing to receive training provided through the Missionary Training Ministry and Reach Texas ministry. 

The churches composing the CMTC are very excited about the possibilities. In recent years two church plants have been completed in McKinney and Allen and others are in the works but the harvest truly is plenteous and the laborers are few. “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest”. 

Interested church planters should contact the CMTC church planting vision and strategy team.

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Music Minister

Faith Baptist Church . . . . North Little Rock, Arkansas 

Contact: worship@faithnlr.org
Our church is currently looking for an individual to lead worship. We have two services on Sunday mornings which offer a blend of music, using orchestras, bands, praise teams and choir, depending on the service and style desired for that day. Any candidate must be a team player who understands the important role of worship in our gatherings, and can work with the pastoral staff in developing the themes and direction of worship on Sundays. Our worship leader should have a heart to engage our culture and build relationships in our community through music and personal life.

The candidate should be one who has both musical expertise and a spiritual maturity to lead. Candidates with formal training in music and worship are desired, in addition, the candidate should be familiar with ProPresenter presentation software, including the use of midi, multi-screen, master and other attachment options in the software. Familiarity with in-ear monitors, remote sound-mixing via iPad, and lighting mixes area plus. Our worship leader will need to be familiar and oversee our video production room and the use of multiple HD cameras, mixing and be comfortable with both live stream and on-demand video production. 

To receive a questionnaire and job description, please email a resume to our search committee at worship@faithnlr.org.

Mount Harmony Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Benton (Haskell), Arkansas 

Contact: John Bagby / 501-672-0112 or 501-776-0821 / arkansas.son@bagby.org
Mount Harmony Missionary Baptist Church in Benton [Haskell] Arkansas is seeking a man to fill the position of Music Director. The Music Director will lead congregational singing, work with the choir and assist with special music groups. Only those who are in agreement with the ABA Doctrinal Statement need to apply.  Please contact John Bagby at 501-672-0112 or 501-776-0821 for more information.


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