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ABA Churches Seeking ABA Workers

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Associate Pastor


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Bono Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Bono, Arkansas 

Contact: Ed Owen / 1606 Briarwood Dr / Jonesboro AR 72401 / eowen@astate.edu
Bono Missionary Baptist Church is currently seeking a pastor. Bono is located just west of Jonesboro in Northeast Arkansas. For information please contact Bro. Ed Owen at eowen@astate.edu 

Calvary Baptist Church . . . . Tallula, Illinois 

Contact: Mike Brockman / 300 W Pine / Tallula IL 62688 / 217-971-4582 / calvarybaptist69@yahoo.com
We are seeking a Pastor with a view to a call. Please send your resume. Thank you.

Cane River Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Natchitoches, Louisiana 

Contact: Terry Powell / PO Box 1085 / Natchitoches LA 71547 / 318-471-5237 / tntqualitytires@yahoo.com
We are seeking the man God has to lead us. We are diligently praying for the man that God is preparing for us, while patiently waiting for Him to show us who that is.

Grace Baptist Church. . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas 

Contact: Jeff Moody or Noel Duncan / PO Box 19032 / Jonesboro AR 72403 / 870-530-1907 or 870-926-6934 / gracepastorsearch17@gmail.com
   Grace BC is looking for a Pastor to lead us in reaching people for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Please send resume to Grace Baptist Church, P.O. Box 19032, Jonesboro Ar 72403 or Email to gracepastorsearch17@gmail.com Contacts: Jeff Moody 870-530-1907 and Noel Duncan 870-926-6934.

Grace Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Many, Louisiana 

Contact: Darren Rhodes / PO Box 58 / Many LA / 318-508-2172 / gracembcmany@yahoo.com
   We are currently seeking a pastor. We believe God is preparing a man to lead us in the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We associate with the American Baptist Association, the Louisiana Missionary Baptist Association and the First Springhill Association. We are a KJV only, loving church that has a strong desire to grow physically and most importantly spiritually. Please send resume in care of Grace MBC to the contact information listed above. God Bless!!

Hughes Springs Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Hughes Springs, Texas 

Contact: Pulpit Committee / 903-639-3235 / hsmbc3235@yahoo.com
Hughes Springs MBC in Hughes Springs, TX is currently seeking the man that God has prepared for our church. HSMBC is celebrating its 65th year. Our Pastor recently retired, so we are looking for a new full time pastor with a minimum of 5 years pastoral experience and a seminary graduate. Applicant must be in adherence with the American Baptist Association and be in agreement with the ABA Doctrinal Statement. Applicant is asked to submit a resume that includes educational background, previous positions, and reference contact information via email to Pulpit Committee.

Jurupa Valley Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Jurupa Valley, California 

Contact: Carl Ryder II / 909-969-8654 / jurupavalleylmbc@gmail.com
We are seeking a man led by God to fill our full time pastor position. Pastor must meet all the qualifications as listed in Gods word in I Timothy and Titus.Those viewed must be the husband of one wife. Also must believe and practice the doctrinal statements of the ABA. Our pastor passed recently were seeking a spirit fill man to fill that position, We are located in the Riverside, Ca area.

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Delta, Colorado 

Contact: Dallas Allee / 625 East Ave / Rifle CO 81650 / 970-625-1562 / claudiaallee@yahoo.com
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Delta, Colorado is currently seeking a pastor. We are a small church located in Delta, Colorado south of Grand Junction, Colorado. The pastor must meet all the qualifications as listed in Gods word in I Timothy and Titus. Also must believe and practice the doctrinal statements of the ABA. If you are interested in filling this position, please contact Dallas or Claudia Allee (970)-625-1562.

Marysville Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Marysville, Ohio 

Contact: Tim Manning / 133 S Mill St / Mllford Center OH 43045 / 937-243-5512 / twmjob@yahoo.com
We are in search of a Pastor that God is leading to be our under shepherd.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Kokomo, Indiana 

Contact: Leo Stone / 3884 S Dixon Rd / Kokomo IN 46902 / 765-453-2444 / diwaln@msn.com
   We are a small church of 20-30 people, located in the flat lands of central Indiana. Kokomo, is an automotive / farm community of approximately 80,000 folks. We are needing a God chosen man to lead us in the spreading of God's teachings as outlined in the King James Bible, a man grounded in the beliefs that parallel the ABA principles. At present, you would probably need to supplement your church supplied salary with a secular vocation. If you feel that you are being called to grow our church and spread God's Word, please send resumes and qualifications; to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 1131 N. Burke St., Kokomo, IN 46901, Attn: Leo Stone or call Leo at 765-453-2444.

Northside Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Ocala, Florida 

Contact: Christi Merritt / 352-629-1880 / secretarynmbc@gmail.com
   Northside MBC of Ocala, FL is currently seeking a full-time pastor. Applicant must believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God, meet all the qualifications of I Timothy and Titus, preach and teach only from the King James Version, be a part of and in good fellowship with the American Baptist Association, be in complete conviction/agreement with the ABA Doctrinal Statement. Applicant is asked to submit a resume that includes educational background, previous positions, and reference contact information via email to Paul Merritt at secretarynmbc@gmail.com

Redmond Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Redmond, Oregon 

In the heart of beautiful Central Oregon, Redmond Missionary Baptist Church seeks a pastor desiring to join a small but dedicated body in reaching the lost in a community of 27,000. Current outreach includes yearly VBS and Missions Conference, nursing home services, and youth program with plentiful opportunity for growth and development. Our church desires to follow a committed biblical leader meeting the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy and Titus. If you could be the one to answer God's call in Redmond, please contact us by email at info@redmondmbc.org or call Jeff at 541-548-6613. For more information visit our website, www.redmondmbc.org.

Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Mt Enterprise, Texas 

Contact: Robert Gholsom / 3190 FM 1798 West / Laneville TX 75667 / 903-863-2206 / rdgholson@eastex.net
We are currently looking for the man that God intends to be the pastor of our church. Our church has been in the Lord's service since 1873, located in a rural area between Mt. Enterprise and Laneville, Texas on FM 2496. If you are of the ABA fellowship interested in pastoring, please call me at 903-863-2206.

StoneBridge Baptist Church . . . . Morgantown, West Virginia 

Contact: Pastor Jason Sheffstall / jsheffstall@gmail.com
Stonebridge Baptist Church (SBC) in Morgantown, WV is seeking an Executive Pastor (XP). The XP is chief operating officer in the areas of administration, budgeting, and discipleship. The XP coordinates and collaborates with SBC’s other ordained minister, the Lead/Teaching and Outreach Pastor (TOP), to shepherd the people of SBC by leading, casting vision, and protecting and maintaining the values of the church.

Sulphur Springs Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Mt Enterprise, Texas 

Contact: Jimmy Dean Owens / 16765 CR 3227 South / Mt Enterprise TX 75681 / 936-652-3436 / jimmy_dean_1974@yahoo.com
Our church is looking to fill the role of Pastor. Our previous pastor retired after 7 years leading the congregation. We are a small country church, We are looking to find the man that God intends to fill our pulpit. We currently have services on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We have a parsonage available on site. The individual will most likely need to be willing to work outside the church. We are a King James only congregation. If you feel that God is leading you in this direction please contact Jimmy Dean Owens. If this is not for you, I ask that you remember our church in prayer as we seek God's will for us.

Tall City Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Midland, Texas 

Contact: Marilyn Russell / PO Box 3235 / Midland TX 79702-3235 / 432-557-1039 / mrlynmrlyners@aim.com
We are seeking a pastor. For more information, please call or write. P.O. Box 3235, Midland TX 79702-3235.


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Crestview Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Arlington, Texas 

Contact: Pastor Danny Chappell / 4605 Timber Run Dr / Arlington TX 76001 / 817-467-1579 / dchapp1@juno.com
   CMBC is seeking a bi-vocational Youth Pastor who feels called by God to reach and disciple young people. We desire to grow our family-oriented youth program through someone with energy and enthusiasm; someone who will connect with young people and attract them, along with their families, into our church family. CMBC, located right in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, is a small-to-medium-sized church with a big heart; we love people and love our Lord. We would love to have you come join us and work this field alongside us.

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. . . . Mt Enterprise, Texas 

Contact: Dean Grigsby / 903-722-5531 / brothergrigsby@yahoo.com
   Landmark MBC has been blessed with a vibrant youth ministry, and we are prayerfully searching for a man to serve as a full-time Youth Pastor.  Under the direction of the Pastor, the Youth Pastor provides leadership, vision, and organization to encourage and equip the members of Landmark MBC to serve youth and their families through discipleship, relationships, and personal accountability.  The Youth Pastor will be responsible for leading the youth activities of the church and serve as a staff member of Landmark MBC.  For more information, please call Dean Grigsby at (903) 722-5531.  If you are interested in this position, you can email your resume to brothergrigsby@yahoo.com or you can send your resume to:  Landmark MBC, P.O. Box 97, Mt. Enterprise, TX, 75681, Attention: Youth Pastor Search Committee.

Silver Run Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Poplarville, Mississippi

Contact: Rev. Quentin McCardle / 2865 Silver Run Rd / Poplarville MS 39470 / wmccardle81@gmail.com
Silver Run Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a bi-vocational Minister of Youth. We are a rural church located within driving distance of community colleges, University of Southern Mississippi, William Carey University and Gulf Coast Baptist Institute. Applicant will need to be bi-vocational, married, align himself with the Doctrinal Statement of the American Baptist Association and publicly teach and preach from the KJV. For more information, please email.

StoneBridge Baptist Church . . . . Morgantown, West Virginia 

Contact: Pastor Jason Sheffstall / jsheffstall@gmail.com
StoneBridge BC in Morgantown, WV is seeking a Youth Pastor (YP). The YP will provide support and counsel to StoneBridge youth (grades 6-12) and their parents regarding their spiritual growth and development. Additionally, the Youth Pastor will provide support and assistance to the Executive Pastor and the Lead/Teaching and Outreach Pastor. Responsibilities will include oversight of youth ministries, leading youth Bible studies, and leading youth ministry team volunteers.

Union Heritage Baptist Church . . . . Bogalusa, Louisiana

Contact: Joseph R Porter / 116 Palmetoo St / Bogalusa LA 70427 / 985-750-6880 / truthinpreaching62@gmail.com
Youth Director position for husband and wife team. Conservative in doctrine, worship and music. Position is non-paid at this time. 18 to 20 youth coming. Great potential

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Music Minister

Hillcrest Baptist Church . . . . Acworth, Georgia 

Contact: Ricki Boyle / 6798 Woodstock Rd / Acworth GA 30102 / 404-805-5687 / rickib@comcast.net
Hillcrest Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia is searching for a music director/worship leader who will oversee and lead in all aspects of our church music ministry, including choir, ensembles, and orchestra. This will be a paid position, and this individual will also assist pastor & staff with daily administrative duties, outreach activities, and visitation. All applicants must agree with and adhere to Hillcrest Baptist Church Doctrinal Statement. For consideration, please email resume and any questions you may have to Ricki Boyle rickib@comcast.net. 404 805-5687


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Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church . . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Contact: Rick McVeigh / 1312 E Jackson Ave N / Sapulpa OK 74066 / 918-224-4393 / rmcveigh@cox.net
Rose Lawn MBC in Tulsa, OK is seeking a Spanish-speaking Missionary for our Hispanic Mission. There is a large Hispanic population in this area that we desire to reach with the gospel of Christ. The man must be a sound Missionary Baptist, be able to speak at least some English and be a US citizen. To contact us: Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church 6610 East Latimer Place Tulsa, OK 74115 Phone: 918-836-2790 Pastor: 918-224-4393 Pastor E-mail: rmcveigh@cox.net. Please pray for us regarding this need. Thank you.

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