Winter Quarter 2014-2015

Age 2 through grades 6     l     Junior High through Adults     

Junior High through Adults

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Quarterly Aim: To show how the Holy Spirit worked and is working in various areas.

The Holy Spirit Is a Part of the Trinity
The Holy Spirit in Creation
The Holy Spirit’s Work in the Old Testament
The Holy Spirit in the Virgin Birth
The Holy Spirit’s Work in Salvation
The Holy Spirit as Comforter in New Testament Churches
The Holy Spirit’s Work in the Spirituals
The Holy Spirit in Inspiration
The Holy Spirit Seals and Indwells
The Holy Spirit Fills
The Holy Spirit Has Feelings
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit in Types

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Age 2 through grades 6



Lesson Samples

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Making a Commitment

Follow the Leader  
Worship the Lord
Let’s Go to Church
Have You Met Jesus?
The Bible Helps Me
My Family Is Special
It All Belongs to God
Being Like Jesus
Being a Special Friend
I Need To Talk with You, Lord
Always Tell the Truth
Passing God’s Test
Always Be True to God

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