Backordered Items:


If the item you ordered is out of stock and will need to be backordered you have the following options for your convenience.

1. Would you like your order shipped Post Office? It is less expensive than other methods, but no tracking number is available. The UPS, FEDEX and DHL deliveries cannot be delivered to a Post Office Box.

2. Please remember shipping is charged only on the items shipped. If an item is backordered, shipping is not charged on your order until it is actually shipped.

3. To save on backorder shipping charges we will be happy to hold your order until everything is ready to ship.


If we may be of additional service to you, please call 800-264-2482 or 903-792-2783.


                                                                        Yours in Christ,


Wayne Sewell


                                                                        Wayne Sewell

                                                                        Business Manager