Dear Church:


            Thank you for participating in our Repeating Order Program.  As you are

aware, this program consists of your literature order being processed at

the beginning of our mail out for each quarter.


            If there are any changes or cancellations that need to be made on your

order for the next quarter, this information is needed by the following dates:


DATE NEEDED BY                             FOR QUARTER


                           September 16                                        Winter

                           December 16                                         Spring

                           March 17                                               Summer

                           June 16                                                  Fall


       We will be getting the orders out earlier than in the past so it is important

that you make your changes on time.


            When you call concerning your order, please specify that you are on the

Repeating Order Program.  This will save time and repetition on both of our



            If you receive your order and you need to return any of the literature,

it needs to be postmarked prior to the first Sunday of that quarter, and there will

be a 15% restocking charge.  No credit will be given on items postmarked after

the first Sunday of the quarter.


            You will find a copy of your Repeating Order enclosed.  Please look over it

and make sure that all the information and quantities are correct.


            Again, thank you for participating in this program, and if we can be of

any assistance to you in this matter, please let us know.


                                                                        Yours in Christ,


Wayne Sewell


                                                                        Wayne Sewell

                                                                        Business Manager