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What is Teen Discovery?

Teen Discovery is a youth program for teenagers which provides opportunity for personal and group Bible study and encourages participation in Christian service in their local church. The fast-pace weekly youth meetings will create a visitor-friendly atmosphere in your youth group.

Any day of the week may be chosen for this event, though most churches host Discovery on Wednesday evenings. Each week's lesson contains leaflets for the students. The instructor is furnished with step-by-step lesson outlines and lesson related activities. As an incentive, each student has the opportunity to accumulate points for class participation, completing individual manuals, memorizing verses, taking sermon notes, bringing guests and other Christian service activities. Also, students are divided into flights or teams that they remain a part of during an entire semester. These flights compete against each other weekly during the activity session, gathering flight points. This encourages participation and team work and is an exciting part of the Discovery experience.

Teen Discovery  is designed to have sixteen weekly meetings during both the fall and spring semesters and scheduled to allow a break during the summer months and grants time for holidays and/or special events during the semesters. It is formatted to create an environment that will be both interesting and Bible centered.